John McCain’s wife petitions him to support bill barring anti-gay workplace discrimination

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Cindy McCain, the wife of 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, has signed a postcard petition addressed to her husband urging him to support legislation barring discrimination against gay and lesbian people in the workplace.

According to the Washington Post, Cindy McCain was approached by John Gomez of the Human Rights Watch who asked her to sign a postcard to her husband encouraging his support of the Employment Non-Discrimination bill.

The bill passed a Senate committee in July and may come soon to the chamber floor, although John McCain has so far not supported the legislation.

In a statement, McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said: “Senator McCain enjoys and appreciates having discussions on the important issues of the day with all the members of his family, and he respects their views.”

In 2010, Cindy McCain posed for a NOH8 advert endorsing same-sex marriage rights. John McCain, on the other hand, recently said: “I respect anyone else’s decision and we all learn in life and grow and mature. I have changed my position on other issues in my life, but on this one, I had not contemplated changing my position.”

In June this year, Mrs McCain said she thought the two major US parties will no longer be divided on the issue by the time the next election comes around.

“You’re going to see a major turn,” she said. “By the next presidential election I think this will be an issue that will be very much agreed on by both parties.”

Meghan McCain, the daughter of John McCain, also in March this year said that “being a Republican who supports gay marriage is a b*tch.”