US: American Family Association asks people to ‘pray for’ anti-gay TV hosts

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The American Family Association has urged its followers to “pray for” anti-gay activists the Benham brothers, after the pair were dropped from a TV deal.

David and Jason Benham were due to host house-flipping show “Flip it Forward”, but were dropped earlier this month it emerged they were anti-gay activists.

Rather than calling for a boycott or any lobbying action, an Action Alert from the American Family Association today urges supporters to “pray for” the pair’s carers.

The statement reads: “The network axed the duo following pressure from homosexual activists.

“The Benham brothers have been under tremendous stress by homosexual activists and their agenda. They could use some encouragement and prayer from fellow Christians.”

The group asks its followers to “pray for David and Jason Benham, and their families.”

It adds: “Ask God to continue to bless them and keep a hedge of protection around them and their business.”

In 2012, both the brothers led a ‘prayer’ rally outside the Democratic National Convention, intended to stop “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation” and “demonic ideologies taking our universities and our public school systems”.

David Benham – who serves on the board of anti-gay group ‘the Coalition of Conscience’ – has also protested pride marches and abortion clinics, campaigned for North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban, and compared same-sex marriage to Nazi Germany.

The brothers earlier this month claimed there are “grotesque things” on TV, and that they are just “committed to biblical principles”.