Julie Bindel: All women should try being a lesbian

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Feminist writer Julie Bindel has claimed that all women should “try” lesbianism.

In an interview with Talking Shop, the Guardian columnist said: “Look at the conditions in which women live under patriarchy – women gain by leaving heterosexuality behind.

“I think lesbianism can be a great liberation for women… why would you not try it?

“[Fellow columnist Julie Burchill said something very funny once – she said that she had had an affair with a woman, only one time, and I said ‘why did you not do it again?’, and she says ‘oh come on, it’s like visiting Iceland, you only want to do it once’.

“She’s quite unusual in that sense. Most women who try it once – there’s no going back.”

In the interview, the writer also admitted a previous article in which she had claimed there is no such thing as bisexuality was “shite”.

She said: “If there’s one thing in my entire journalistic career that I can say I really, really wish I hadn’t writte – not because of the flack, but because it was so shite – that is it.

“It was an appalling piece, I actually can’t believe that I wrote it.

“It’s a shame that it’s up there forevermore. It was so shite, what can I say?”

Last year, Bindel claimed that a “trans cabal” were “running a witch hunt” against people who offended them, after becoming embroiled in a dispute with trans activists.

She has also claimed that gay marriage is “a waste of time and effort”, and claimed that the term “queer” was being used by “anyone who is into kinky sex”.

Watch the interview below: