Gay UKIP MEP compares Alex Salmond to Robert Mugabe, claims SNP is ‘fascist’

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Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn has claimed that the Scottish National Party’s electoral tactics are “fascist”, and compared Alex Salmond to Robert Mugabe.

Mr Coburn, who is the party’s most prominent gay politician but opposes same-sex marriage, managed to clinch UKIP’s first seat in Scotland during May’s European elections.

He has previously claimed that “neo-right” activists are to blame for same-sex marriage, which he says “breeds” homophobia.

Speaking to an audience at the Lansdowne Club in London, the Huffington Post reports that Mr Coburn said: “There’s a dirty wee secret the SNP would rather you didn’t know, and that’s that they emerged from fascism in the 1930s.

“Quite frankly, the way they behaved in the referendum, terrifying people, bullying people, frightening businesses, is very much fascism of the 30s.

“[Salmond] wants to limit land ownership, much like Robert Mugabe… They want to bring politically correct social marxism.

“They want to brainwash your kids as well.

“Salmond is not offering independence. He is offering rule from Brussels politically and rule from Frankfurt on the money side.

“He’s not interested in Scottish independence. This is an exercise in extreme socialist economics.

“If he was interested, why does he want to fill the country up with people from other nations except the English? Anybody can come to Scotland, unless you’re English. If that’s not racist, what is?”

Glaswegian comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli retorted, saying: “For Ukip to call the SNP fascists when we don’t tend to refer to people from Cambodia as Ting Tongs or think that we have bad weather because of homosexuality is genuinely one of the funniest things I have ever heard.”

Listen to the clip below: