Nottingham police warn football fans over homophobic chants

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Police have warned fans of Nottingham Forest FC that they will take a zero tolerance approach to homophobic football chants.

The police made the warning ahead of Saturday’s match between Nottingham Forest and Brighton and Hove Albion – a team regularly targeted with anti-gay chants at previous matches.

Superintendent Ian Howick told the Nottingham Post: “Over the years we know that Brighton and Hove Albion FC have had to put up with a small minority of people who have started or joined in with homophobic chants.

“We don’t want people to be caused any unnecessary distress, we simply want people to enjoy the game.”

He added the police would be taking “positive action to identify anyone who is involved” in the chants.

The team’s media coordinator Ben White said: “The support that the players have received this season has been tremendous and we ask that the fans continue to focus their energy on encouraging our team.

“We want supporters to enjoy the match without using chants which are likely to cause offence to others.

“Forest host an antisocial behaviour text service that allows people to report any poor behaviour, and both clubs fully back this approach.”

Earlier this week, Norwich City FC launched a probe into allegations of homophobic abuse at the team’s match against Birmingham City.

The alleged incident occurred between two Norwich fans at the club’s Carrow Road stadium.