Fundraising campaign launched to save ‘gay’ bull from facing the slaughterhouse

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A prize breeding bull who is more interested in breeding with males than females could be saved from slaughter thanks to a petition and crowd-funding campaign.

An Irish farmer in County Mayo had bought Benjy – an expensive pedigree Charolais bull – with the intention of breeding cattle last year.

However, the farmer was left disappointed when the bull refused to mate – and showed more interest in other bulls than with cows.

He said: “At first I didn’t take seriously that the bull could be gay, but after seeking advice I know this can happen.”

Earlier this month, it was reported the bull could be facing the slaughterhouse, with the farmer adding: “The bull is now too old to castrate and turn into a bullock so I will keep him for the factory.”

However, after the animal’s plight made headlines in Ireland’s Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN), TheGayUK intervened with a crowd-funding campaign to save his life, which is hoping to raise up to £5,000.

The campaign states: “Your money will help us to buy Benjy from his owner, have him vetted and transported to the Hillside Sanctuary where they’ve been looking after suffering farm animals since 1995.”

ARAN’s John Carmody told The Gay UK: “The plight of little Benjy is hitting the hearts and households of Irish society with the reality of what will face this innocent boy if someone somewhere doesn’t step in.

“As a gay man myself, I know only too well what it is like to be treated indifferently, that’s why I hope we can give Benjy a second chance in life whilst helping to bring attention to the problems facing all gay people everywhere around the world, and of course the many other Benjy’s that are brought to slaughter on a daily basis who are not so lucky.”

A petition has also launched by animal rights campaigner Jenna Starar.

Homosexual behaviour has been observed in a number of species in the animal kingdom.

A journal earlier this year reported the first known instance of two male brown bears engaging in oral sex.

The zookeepers wrote: “In the case reported here, the provider may have found a substitute for teat‐sucking that also resulted in a let‐down of substitute ‘milk’.”