Russian Senator calls LGBT people ‘mentally ill’

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The Russian architect of the “gay propaganda” bill has hit back at the women who took a selfie with him in the background.

The photo featured the two women kissing on a plane with Senator Vitaly Milonov hiding himself behind a tablet in the background, and went viral. Senator Milonov is a notoriously anti-gay politician who has organised “raids” on LGBT events.

He said: “The lesbians went through with this photo session due to their stupidity. It shows that all LGBT people are mentally ill. They have overdosed on so-called European values.

“They should have to do a photo session in a police station.”

Mr Milonov also said he would be investigating the nightclub apparently run by one of the women, Kseniya Infinity, in St Petersburg. “I didn’t know anything about the club they organised. Now I will get to work on it.”

Keseniya Infinity said: “Milonov himself didn’t say anything to us. We did a photo-session with him in the background. When he spotted us, he hid behind a tablet.

“We’re very happy. He probably isn’t, but who cares.”

Sentator Milonov is currently bringing forward legislation that would close a ‘loophole’ in the country’s laws which allowed a lesbian couple to marry.

In 2013, Milanov said that gay people were not “normal” and compared being gay to living “with a dog, with a horse, with a sheep, whatever.”.