Trump planning ‘wonderful’ meeting with Vladimir Putin

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Donald Trump has promised to meet with Vladimir Putin before even being sworn in, if elected next month.

The Republican billionaire has faced attacks in the past for his pro-Russia stance and relationship Vladimir Putin, whom he has lavished praised on in the past.

The leader has praised Putin as a leader with “great control over his country” despite overseeing a corrupt and oppressive regime that introduced anti-LGBT laws.

After a number of Russia-linked cyber attacks that were highly damaging to Hillary Clinton earlier this year, Trump openly invited Putin to “help find her missing emails”. Further hacks have indeed taken place.

Reports have also suggested that a shadowy pro-Putin internet comment troll army has been remobilised, backing Donald Trump.

Speaking to radio host Michael Savage this week, Trump claimed that tensions between Russia and the US were a “serious problem” and he would pursue a close relationship with Putin.

He said: “They insult [Putin] constantly — I mean, no wonder he can’t stand Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“If I win on November 8, I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration. I think it would be wonderful.”


After allegations earlier this year that the Russian government was trying to influence the US election, Trump responded with gay innuendo.

He said of Putin: “I don’t have a relationship with him. I didn’t meet him.

“I haven’t spent time with him… I didn’t have dinner with him. I didn’t go hiking with him.