Labour’s LGBT manifesto promises asylum review and stronger hate crime laws

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Labour is set to unveil a number of key pledges on LGBT rights, as part of the party’s official LGBT manifesto.

The manifesto, which will be officially launched by the party at an event in Brighton later today, contains a number of pledges relating to the LGBT community.

It pledges a review of procedures for LGBT asylum seekers, amid criticism of the often-degrading and unbalanced ‘tests’ that gay asylum seekers are subjected to.

Also present are pledges to review both gender recognition laws and access to gender-related healthcare – where trans people often face waiting times that massively breach NHS targets.

The party has also pledged to strengthen hate crime laws, and to “improve LGBT representation in Parliament and challenge narrow representations of LGBT people across public life”.

In addition, the manifesto confirms a number of previously announced policies – such as introducing a ‘Turing’s law’ to clear the records of dead men convicted of historic sex offences, legislating age-appropriate compulsory sex and relationship education, and appointing an LGBT rights envoy.


Labour’s Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Angela Eagle – one of two out lesbians in the Commons – said: “I’m proud that over the twenty three years I’ve been in parliament Labour has helped to deliver legal equality for LGBT people, but now we face a fight to make that equality a reality for every single LGBT person in our country.

“Too many LGBT young people are growing up scared and alone because they are bullied at school and don’t have sufficient support when their mental health suffers.

“In government Labour will finish the job we started and ensure every LGBT person has the chance to achieve their ambitions free from prejudice and discrimination.”

Gloria de Piero, Labour’s Shadow Equalities Minister, added: “As a country we have made huge strides towards equality in law and in life for LGBT people, and it is a source of huge pride that so many of these were delivered by Labour in Government.

“But when so many LGBT young people still suffer discrimination and bullying we cannot be complacent.

“Labour will continue to drive forward progress with a plan to tackle homophobic bullying, strengthen the law on hate crime, improve access to mental health services for all and provide international leadership on LGBT rights.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband recently pledged to be a “warrior” for LGBT rights.

Meanwhile, a candidate for the party issued an apology last week – after making a joke about a threesome with Mr Miliband and a goat.