‘Sinister monk’ who delivered anti-gay leaflets ordered to leave presbytery

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A group of Catholic hermits have been ordered to leave a presbytery in the Diocese of Northampton – after PinkNews reported on the distribution of a number of extreme anti-gay leaflets.

Over the past year, a string of homophobic leaflets have been delivered across the UK, claiming that AIDS is God’s punishment for gays, homosexuality is linked to paedophilia, and that transgender people should be exorcised.

A man identifying himself as ‘Brother Damon Jonah Kelly’ wrote several letters to PinkNews to claim responsibility for delivering the leaflets – in which he labelled PinkNews “the enemy” and “the disciples of the Devil”.

Catholic news site The Tablet reports today that the ‘Black Hermits’, led by Kelly, have been ordered to leave their presbytery in St Patrick’s, Millais Road, Corby following complaints.

Kelly claims to have been arrested “no less than 9 times” while distributing the extremist leaflets, which claims homosexuals are “like vampires”, and that “it is a fact that Gays want no age of consent”.

A spate of homophobic leaflets were previously delivered in Cambridge, Brighton, Stoke-on-TrentLincolnLeicestershire and Chester last summer.


A number of cases are understood to be ongoing. Kelly is set to appear in Leicester Magistrates court on 18 May, after being charged with harassment.

The Black Hermits have charitable status in Scotland, with their latest accounts showing an income of £26,611 and expenditure of £44,844.


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