‘Sinister monk’ spotted again delivering leaflets claiming AIDS is God’s punishment for gays

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A man wearing a monk’s robe has been spotted again delivering leaflets which compare gay people to paedophiles.

‘Sinister monk’ spotted again delivering leaflets claiming AIDS is God’s punishment for gays

Yesterday, PinkNews reported that leaflets were delivered in Cambridge, claiming “It is a fact that Gays want no age of consent”, and that transgender people “are possessed by demons, and need counselling and exorcism”.

The leaflets, titled ‘The Work of Darkness’, were delivered in the Mill Road area of Cambridge – in the ward previously
represented by trans ex-councillor Sarah Brown.

A resident came forward who had challenged the man, who happily posed for a photograph.

A PinkNews reader from the same area has now come forward with a second picture of the man, holding a stack of the offensive leaflets.

They told PinkNews last night: “The same man came to my road and delivered that same leaflet today.

“Despite me talking to him and taking his photographs he continued to carry on distributing.

“He is the same man my partner saw 5 months ago delivering the same sort of leaflets.

“He claimed to be from the Catholic church. I asked him which one and what his name was – he was less forthcoming with that information.”

It claims:

Homosexuality is not inborn. It is a developmental disorder, a traumatised condition, arising out of a dysfunctional family, or it is a lifestyle choice.

It is a life of self-indulgence, self deceit and self-destruction, and the sexual acts that accompany it are ones of grave depravity.

It is utterly opposed to the law of God and to nature, and should be in no way condoned or promoted.

In the ideal of ‘man-boy love’, so desired by homosexuals, pederasty/paedophilia claims its historic place in homosexualism.

It is a fact that Gays want no age of consent. Also, the adoption of children by Gays and Lesbians constitutes a form of child abuse.

The judgement of God on homosexalism reveals itself in the AIDS / HIV virus.

Human beings are born either male or female. Every cell in their body, in its genetic make-up, proclaims the truth. With the increase of estrogen in the environment, due to contraceptives and intensive farming, some males have impaired sexual development, but this does not stop them being male.

Therefore, to have a ‘sex change’ is to live in a world of make-believe; a masquerade. Men who think they are women, and vice versa, and men who dress up as women, are possessed by demons, and need counselling and exorcism.

The leaflet also condemns abortion, contraception, IVF and divorce.

Have homophobic leaflets been delivered in your area? Email [email protected]