Church of Scotland gives final approval to gay ministers

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Church of Scotland has approved to allow gay ministers in the Kirk.

The General Assembly of the church convened today, and 491 voted on the measure.

With 309 voting to approve gay ministers and 182 against, the measure passed.

Evangelicals, however, were expected to make a last ditch attempt to block it, because it goes against church teachings on marriage.

The Church in November got one step closer to allowing the ordination of gay ministers, after plans secured the backing of a majority of local presbyteries.

Divisive proposals to change the rules have been under consultation for some time.

Earlier in 2014, the General Assembly voted to further proposals to allow gay ministers to be appointed – amid threats of a split from more conservative groups.

At the General Assembly and some 700 members will be gathered until Friday.

A vote on whether gay priests should be allowed to marry will take place on Thursday