Former Corrie star Charlie Condou to marry his partner today

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Former Coronation Street star Charlie Condou is set to tie the knot with his partner in a low-key ceremony today.

The ex-soap star, who played Marcus Dent in the long-running ITV series, will wed his boyfriend of ten years Cameron Laux in real life today.

In a Facebook post shared by Attitude Magazine, he said: “Exactly 10 years ago, Cam and me had our first date. Today we’re getting married.

“We haven’t told anyone because we don’t want a fuss.

“Just doing it quietly with the kids and a few close family peeps. Exactly the way we always wanted.”

Former Corrie star Charlie Condou to marry his partner today


Condou already has two children, Georgia Mae and Hal, with his close friend and actress Catherine Kanter.

Of the pair’s three-parent family, he told PinkNews in 2014: “I was actually single when I first started talking to Catherine about parenting.

“Cameron and I have been together for eight and a half years now, but I had been friends with Catherine for, I don’t know, maybe 15 years, and she had always said that if she was still single when she was 40 would I have a kid with her.

“Obviously as she got closer to 40 we started to talk about it more seriously. By the time we had actually kind of settled on ‘yes this is something we are going to pursue’, I was with Cameron. So then it became the three of us and we had to work out the logistics of that.

“It wasn’t that Cameron and I got together and thought ‘let’s have a family’, it didn’t work like that, it sort of came the other way round.”