Jack Larson, Superman’s original Jimmy Olsen, dies aged 87

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Out actor Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olsen in the original Superman TV series, has died aged 87.

The actor played the junior reporter in the 1950s series Adventures of Superman, which aired for over 100 episodes between 1952 and 1958.

He also appeared in TV series Lois & Clark, and film adaptation Superman Returns.

The actor had a series of relationships with other high-profile men, dating Hitchcock star Montgomery Clift for a number of years, and living with director James Bridges for 35 years until Bridges’ death in 1993.

Despite being in gay relationships at a time when homosexuality was still largely taboo in Hollywood, Larson says he did not experience stigma as a result of his sexuality.

He spoke of his sexuality on a number of occasions, saying in 2000 “We never made a fuss about being gay, but we never hid anything. Maybe I was naïve, but I never felt oppression.”

“It was obvious to anyone that since we lived together we were partners. We always went places together. We never pretended.

“I always did what I felt like doing. I never did publicity when I was very popular as Jimmy.

“The question [about being gay] never came up.”

The director of Superman Returns, Bryan Singer previously spoke about the sexuality of the iconic Man of Steel.

He said that Superman is “probably the most heterosexual character in any movie ever made.”