Nick Jonas ‘honoured’ to play gay characters on TV

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Nick Jonas has said that he finds it an “honour” to have represented the LGBT community on television.

Jonas plays gay character Boone, described as a ‘peppy monster’ and a member of the Dollar Scholar golfing fraternity, in the new comedy horror series Scream Queens.
Nick Jonas ‘honoured’ to play gay characters on TV
The show, which premiered on Fox on Monday night, was created by Ryan Murphy, the man behind hit shows Glee and American Horror Story.

However, this is not the first time the former Jonas Brothers star has taken on the role of a gay man, having previously played Nate Kulina, a fighter struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, in the hit series Kingdom.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Jonas expressed his delight at being given the chance to portray gay characters saying: “Whatever I can do for the community is just a blessing for me… [I’ve] been so honoured to play some really strong gay characters.”

He also told viewers to be prepared for ‘surprises’ and ‘expect the unexpected’ with his new role, becomes Boone becomes more intense as the season goes on.

Fans may be pleased to know that Jonas is said to be frequently topless throughout the series, something he has not shied away from in the past having stripped off in a gay bar and appearing barely clothed in countless photo shoots.
Nick Jonas ‘honoured’ to play gay characters on TV
Earlier this year Jonas, who has become a staunch ally of the LGBT community, said he learnt to accept gay people when he was just a child after being told “it’s all love, it’s all the same.”