H from Steps just announced he’s expecting a baby in the cutest way

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The singer and his partner reveal they are expecting twins in a sweet animated video.

H from Steps – real name Ian Watkins – chose to announce that they are having a baby in an adorably inventive way.

H from Steps just announced he’s expecting a baby in the cutest way

The 39-year-old created an animated video with his partner Craig Ryder to announce the birth of their child – but there’s a twist, it’s twins!

The singer shared his excitement with fans on Twitter, writing: “I’ve been bursting to tell you something”, next to a link to the video.

The video colourful video features photo cut-outs of the couple, cleverly photo-shopped onto a cartoon backdrop.

The video precedes to tell the story of the couple’s relationship so far – from holidays, to buying their first house together – before revealing that their biggest adventure is about to begin.

“Together we’ve been on lots of adventures. But our biggest adventure is about to begin!”

“For a long time we have been wishing, and our wish is about to come true!

“We are going to be dads!!!

“There’s more… it’s twins!!!”

“Our dream is about to come true”.

The clip ends with a picture of the twins’ sonogram placed over an animated fireplace, before the words: “The Ryder-Watkins twins…. arriving soon!”

Earlier this year, Watkins credited his bandmate Lisa with helping to deflect questions about his sexuality during the band’s heyday.

Despite rumours at the time of the band’s success, the pop singer remained in the closet for years – until he finally came out as gay in 2007.

He said: “I don’t actually remember sitting down and telling Lisa [I’m gay], it was just something that I didn’t feel I had to say out loud.

H from Steps just announced he’s expecting a baby in the cutest way

“We just had a cracking time going out dancing and clubbing and it was just something that was unsaid but known.

“I vaguely remember us talking about people we fancied but it wasn’t like, ‘by the way, I’m gay’.

“We have an amazing connection, Lisa and I, and I guess that reflects that.”

Watch the adorable Watkins-Ryder announcement below.