Nick Jonas denies gay-baiting fans about his sexuality: ‘I have nothing to prove’

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Nick Jonas has insisted he’s not trying to “gay-bait” fans by making ambiguous comments about his sexuality.

The former Disney star found fame with his family band the Jonas Brothers – but has enjoyed a renaissance both as an actor and a solo musician.

Throughout solo later career he has found many ways to voice his appreciation for his large gay fanbase; playing gay characters in ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Scream Queens’, performing at many gay venues and Pride events, appearing on the cover of Attitude magazine, and stripping off all the time.

All. The. Time.

Seriously, we’re not entirely sure if he owns any shirts.

Despite masterfully targeting the gay demographic, Jonas has always described himself as straight – but refuses to deny experimenting to men and insists his sexuality “shouldn’t matter”.

In an interview with Complex magazine, Jonas was finally asked about people who feel like he is simply exploiting the gay community by ‘gay-baiting’.

He said: “There’s always going to be negativity toward anything that is a positive effort toward change.

“As a heterosexual male, [I am] open and comfortable about loving my fan base, gay or straight, because to me there is no difference, it is my fan base.

“Your sexual preference does not matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to anybody. … The goal is acceptance on all levels — that should be the focus.”

“I’ve gone to normal clubs, straight clubs, and I’ve gone to gay clubs, to party with my friends and fans. There’s no difference.

“I have nothing to prove. I’m very comfortable in my own skin and I’m thankful to have as many close gay friends as I have, people who have been so supportive in my life, and have always been there for me.”