Delaware Senate gives final approval to bill to remove homosexuality as grounds for divorce

A newly approved bill in Delaware seeks to remove homosexuality from the list of misconducts which justify grounds for divorce.

The bill was unanimously passed by the Delaware Senate on Thursday, specifically removes “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” from the definition of marital misconduct.

Marital misconduct is defined as a behaviour so destructive to a relationship, that a person could not reasonably be expected to remain in the marriage.

Along with homosexuality in the list of misconducts is adultery, bigamy, criminal convictions resulting in jail, habitual drinking or drug use or contracting STIs.

Now the bill just needs the final approval from Democratic Governor Jack Markell.

The Governor in 2013 signed a bill to legally recognise equal marriage in the state.

Last year a proposal was filed, at the Governor’s request, to allow prisoners in Delaware to change their names based on their gender.

A spokesperson for Governor Jack Markell said: “The governor supports the Department Of Corrections’s ongoing efforts to make reasonable accommodations for inmates in their care and this bill is in line with those efforts.”