Canadian city sensibly removes anti-trans Christian posters showing a man in women’s washroom

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A city in Canada has used its power to remove ‘offensive’ Christian posters which depict a man going into a women’s restroom in opposition to trans women using gender-appropriate bathrooms.

The City of Hamilton moved to remove the three posters paid for by the Christian Heritage Party (CHP) from bus shelters.

A man is depicted in the posters entering a door marked “ladies showers”.


The CHP’s poster also reads “where is the justice?”, in opposition to laws which protect trans people’s right to use the bathroom of their choosing.

As well as the posters, the CHP also gave out 3,500 flyers to homes in Hamilton Mountain, which encouraged people to complain to city councillors about trans women in women’s bathrooms.

“The city will be removing the ads and we are sorry for the offensive nature of them,” spokesperson Jasmine Graham told CBC.

As well as apologising, Graham went on to say that third-party advertisers handling contracts “should ask the city about any questionable advertising content so the city’s senior management team can review and either approve or reject the ad.

“We are currently investigating to see where the breakdown was.”

The ads were placed by CHP candidate Jim Enos, who also distributed the flyers.

He told CBC that he had emailed Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger about the removal of the posters, adding: “We think it’s important to all females in Hamilton whether they belong to the party or not.”

Enos said the posters do not target trans men, only trans women, because: “I don’t think there are too many men that would complain about women coming into their facilities… I wouldn’t want to see it be a hardship on women … Women are generally very modest.”

Graham responded by saying the city does provide individual washrooms for those who want them, but that they would not become mandatory for transgender people.