Ask the Lawyer: Do you have a question from our new resident lawyer?

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PinkNews and leading UK law firm Simpson Millar brings you a new regular feature around legal questions you may have about LGBT life.

Have you ever wondered how much time off you are entitled to when you transition?

Do you know what rights you have if you have experienced discrimination in the workplace?

Are you getting married and wonder what changes you need to make to your will?

These are just some of the questions that we hope to answer during over the coming months.

In partnership with Simpson Millar, PinkNews is proud to present Ask the Lawyer, a series of features around legal questions affecting the lives of LGBT people in the England and Wales.

Linda Stewart, Head of Employment Law at Simpson Millar said: “Despite some progress having been made since anti-discrimination laws first took effect in the UK, LGBT+ people remain fearful that coming out at work will expose them to discriminatory treatment.

“The Employment Team at Simpson Millar is delighted to have joined forces with PinkNews to raise awareness of issues affecting LGBT+ people in the workplace and to offer legal advice and to those in need of support. We also arm employers with the tools needed to support LGBT+ people at work, helping them to create more inclusive workplaces.”

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Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer all questions that are sent in and Simpson Millar is only able to give advice that relates to the law in England and Wales.Simpson-Miller-Logo-High-Res- Full Colour

Disclosure: Simpson Millar is a PinkNews advertiser