Against all odds, this preview for the Rocky Horror remake actually looks pretty good (VIDEO)

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It could have become the most panned musical remake since Annie, but a preview for Fox’s upcoming Rocky Horror reboot is looking decidedly Not Awful.

The upcoming made-for-TV Rocky Horror Picture Show remake has not enthused fans of the 1975 film version, with early trailers for the reboot earning a frosty reception and a huge number of dislikes on YouTube.

Some have objected to the all-star casting, with Adam Lambert and Christina Milian. Trans actress Laverne Cox is controversially playing the role of ‘sweet transvestite’ Dr Frank-N-Furter, traditionally a role played by a cross-dressing man.

But if anything could revive hopes for the project, it’s the latest preview released by Fox, revealing the first five minutes of the film.

It features Ivy Levan as The Usherette, singing opening song ‘Science Fiction/Double Feature’ as a cinema prepares for a Rocky Horror screening.

The clip has actually been received positively, and is a surprisingly good stripped-back rendition.

Then again, we also liked the new Annie, so what do we know?

Laverne Cox has already been on the warpath defending the film amid a tide of negativity.

She said previously: “Rocky Horror is sacred to people.

“It’s the longest-running movie in theater history, in movie history. For 41 years, people have been going to midnight showings and dressing up, with shadow casts all over the world.

“It means so much to so many people.”

Responding to critics, she pointed out that the Rocky Horror fan club had given the remake their blessing, saying: “Hardcore Rocky fans seem to be on board with it.”

She added: “Four years ago, I was barely paying my rent, in eviction court, and now I’m at the Billboard Awards?!

“This won’t last forever, so I’m really trying to enjoy it. I had the time of my life [filming Rocky].

“What’s so exciting about being in this music show, is that the music, the soundtrack for Rocky Horror Picture Show is so incredible and so timeless, and I just have new respect for recording artists.”