Met police chief who ‘compared gay equality to Nazi Germany’ facing disciplinary probe

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A police chief who made a number of homophobic comments is facing disciplinary action.

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville, who heads the Metropolitan Police’s Central Images Unit, is facing a probe from the Directorate of Professional Standards.

It comes after flags were raised via the Independent Police Complaints Commission about public posts Neville had made on Facebook.

The Sun newspaper has claimed that the police chief was suspended for “posting support for Brexit online” and “opposing gay marriage” – but PinkNews found a trail of public anti-LGBT posts on his page dating back years.

In the posts seen by PinkNews, made over a five-year stretch from 2011 until this year, the police chief repeatedly complained about gay equality and drew comparisons to Nazis, while decrying “left-wing idiots” and migrants “who have turned London into a foreign city”
Met police chief who ‘compared gay equality to Nazi Germany’ facing disciplinary probe
On March 18 this year, he wrote: “At Orpington station. Poster: ‘It is ok to be gay, not all right to be late for rugby training.’.

“Read paper – teacher at primary school pushing ‘transgender’ issues onto primary school children. Arrived at London Live studio – film about gay footballers being promoted.

“I am getting sick & tired off all this propaganda. I feel that I am living in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, with all this being rammed down my throat. Anyone else sick & tired of this? OR just too frightened to stand up to this politically correct campaign?”

In a post from 2014 he commentated on Stonewall founder Lord Cashman, who first made his name appearing on EastEnders, entering the House of Lords.

He wrote: “The new members of the House of Lords………… wonder people have no faith in our ‘rulers’. Crooks & tax avoiders.

“Little of substance. I also note Cashman (of first ‘gay’ kiss on TV) is included. Just in case anyone thought that Eastenders / Coronation St were just fodder for the masses………in reality they are propaganda…..of which Dr Goebbels would have been proud of.”

Despite the Sun claiming he “makes no mention of his police role” on the site, in one post he publicly attacked a former colleague – the Met’s gay former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick, now a Lib Dem peer – for “announcing his sexual conquests in the canteen”.

In another post from 2014, he wrote: “Modern Britain – The Enviroment  [sic] Agency is proud of being in the top ten employers of gays & lesbians (and has sponsored a Gay Pride event)………………..but it is crap at sorting out floods. The MADNESS of Left wing thought comes home to roost…..”

Sharing a news article about an LGBT rugby team, he wrote: “Sometimes I feel I live in an occupied country, where the leaders’ views & propoganda [sic] are completely different from mine.

“I am all for live & let live. BUT it is the constant ramming of PC ideas down my throat that gets on my nerves. Goebbels used sport for propoganda [sic] ….nothing changes. A lesbian, gay & transgender rugby league team………………unbelievable…”

In a post about a Christian housing worker’s legal battle over a homophobia charge, he wrote: “A victory over Left wing, political correct zealots!!!

“All my family has fought for this country for five generations to preserve our way of life & freedoms. In the name of ‘equality’ these evil creatures try to stop all opinions except their own.”

Of same-sex marriage, he wrote: “Gay marriage – the usual trendy nonsense. If politicians really gave a damn – why not sort out marriage in Brixton & other inner city places??
Met police chief who ‘compared gay equality to Nazi Germany’ facing disciplinary probe
Met police chief who ‘compared gay equality to Nazi Germany’ facing disciplinary probe
“In those places there are too many youngsters born into a life of poverty & gang membership, without any male role models and even fewer fathers. Also – what about the PROMISE to aid marriage by tax relief – no doubt forgotten…… We are ruled by idiots & charlatans.”

In a separate post, he added: “Do we live in an asylum?? …….can someone explain why politicians are spending their time discussing gay ‘marriage’???”

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