Vienna to celebrate 20th year of its LGBT waltzes

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Vienna is to celebrate its 20th annual LGBT ball.

The very special celebration falls at the end of January, and it’s done in classic Austrian style.

The Rainbow Ball, or Ragenbogen Ball as it is in Austrian, is one of Austria’s numerous classical balls for LGBT people.


The event welcomes LGBT people from right across Europe and the world to embrace generations of Viennese waltzing.

And it’s not just any old ball.

Aside from taking the lead on same-sex dancing (you listening, Strictly?) it also has bright dress and plenty of rainbow flags.


Now in its 20th year, next January’s theme is very much in line with Austria’s most popular LGBT export, Conchita Wurst.

The ball is taking on the theme of We Are Unstoppable, in light of Conchita’s Unstoppables.

The event is also a major fund-raiser for the work of HOSI Wien (Homosexual Initiative Vienna), which is Austria’s largest gay and lesbian organisation.

If you want to pay a visit for the ball, it’s January 28 at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn.


Vienna to celebrate 20th year of its LGBT waltzes

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