This little boy took down a bigot in the best way possible

A little boy in the UK took on a bigot when he was out shopping with his Dad in the best way possible.

The 7-year-old had been shopping for a class mates birthday and chose a wand, tiara and jewellery for her to add to her dress up box.

The boy’s Dad, who wrote about the incident online, explained that while they were queuing to pay for the gifts as well as the usual food shop an incident unfolded that made him feel nothing but pride for his son.

The young boy was playing around and pretending to be the Queen and demanding the line move faster.

Most other shoppers around the pair smiled at the boy as he played, but a man in line at the next till said to the dad “You can’t let your son do that. If he turns into a f*ggot it’ll be your fault”.

The Dad explained that his son asked him what the derogatory term meant: “it’s a nasty word that only nasty people use so you mustn’t say it.”

The man butted in again and said it meant “gay”, and that being gay “means you’re bad and going to Hell for being evil.”

The child’s father explained that this wasn’t true, and that being gay means “a man loves a man and a lady loves a lady.”

This prompted an incredible response from the 7-year-old, who has gay uncles that work in the paediatric wards at the hospital.

“My uncles make children better when they have poorly blood and poorly bones. If you make them go to Hell that means you want the children to be poorly,” the boy said. “Do you want the children to be poorly? Do you want them to be sick and have to go to Heaven?”

The man immediately turned red and appeared embarrassed as a manager who had been called over escorted him out.

“Sir, I believe you’ve just been outwitted by a child,” the manager said. “You should leave now and keep your disgusting views to yourself and out of my shop.”