Vigil held to mourn trans woman murdered in Baltimore

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People gathered at a vigil yesterday to mourn the life of a trans woman who was shot and killed this week.

Alphonza Watson was shot in Baltimore, becoming the eighth trans woman to be killed so far this year.

The police are currently looking for two men who were seen running from the scene of the crime after gunshots were heard.

Vigil held to mourn trans woman murdered in Baltimore

Those who gathered at the vigil, some friends and others strangers, said they wanted to mourn the 38-year-olds life and grieve together.

The group met and commemorated Watson’s life, before people spoke about the unprecedented violence and abuse that trans women currently face.

Ava Pipitone, an executive director for the Baltimore Transgender Alliance helped organise the vigil.

She said that being trans right now is like being “criminalised”.

Pipitone said: “This is our family. Another trans body was taken. We’re under attack.

“What it means to be trans right now, it’s criminalised, and we’re under attack in many ways, so this is because we’re all thinking and dealing with that. We’re all coming together,” she added.

Vigil held to mourn trans woman murdered in Baltimore

Key’Ayshia Tucker said she was “haunted” by the murder.

“I spoke with a young lady who sat and watched as that lady’s life was taken away. For the past 3 nights this has haunted me. I am unable to sleep,” she said.

Monica Stevens, another attendee said: “I’m not just sick of the killing, I’m sick of people not seeing the beauty of our diversity.”

2016 was the deadliest year on record for trans people as 27 people were killed.

2017 has seen a number of trans peoples lives taken, especially WOC.