Dozens of gay and bi men deported from Kuwait amid crackdown

Dozens of gay and bisexual men have been deported from Kuwait amid a crackdown by authorities.

The country’s moral committee today said 76 men had been deported during a “moral” crack down on homosexuality.

Mohammad al-Dhufairi, a spokesperson, told the al-Dhufairi newspaper: “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any morally distasteful deeds and we refuse to show leniency with anyone who breaks the rules or puts the health of Kuwaiti citizens and residents at risk.”


The department confirmed that “76 men have been deported”, and also that “gay” massage parlours had been shut down.

According to reports, sex toys, women’s underwear and makeup were found during raids.

Twenty-two massage parlours were shut down, suspected of catering to gay and bisexual people.

Kuwait earlier this year claimed a new cut of Beauty and the Beast not including a gay moment would show in cinemas after the film was banned.

Last year, the family of a US soldier said that she and her girlfriend were jailed for 25 years on “false” charges because of their sexuality.

Monique Coverson served in the US military for seven years, before moving to Kuwait along with her partner Larissa.

Amnesty International previously heavily criticised the Gulf Cooperation Council for proposals for “medical tests” to attempt to block gay and trans people from entering, and working, in its member countries.