Former Fox anchor turned adult film star: ‘I’m as comfortable in a suit as I am a jockstrap’

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A former Fox, NBC and CBS anchor has shocked viewers after he quit TV presenting to pursue a very different role.

Former fresh-faced news anchor Jim Walker won two regional Emmys for his 23-year television career, picking up many fans along the way.

He quit the television industry in 2013, however – to pursue life as a gay adult star.

Dallas Steele gets down to business  Twitter/@DallasSteeleXXX)

Walker began working in news aged 23, and is a former anchor for local Fox, NBC and CBS stations.

Despite more than two decades of service, telly bosses fell out of love with the anchor, leading him to switch career paths.

The revelations of his new life originally come from NSFW blog Titan Men in 2016, which reported that Walker is working as a porn star under the name Dallas Steele.

You can see how well Walker has adjusted to his new life as Dallas Steele in a range of pictures from his Twitter account below – which are JUST about safe for work.

Dallas Steele (Twitter/@DallasSteeleXXX)

Dallas Steele (Twitter/@DallasSteeleXXX)

He has now spoken out about the radical change of career, declaring: “I am as comfortable in a suit as I am a jockstrap.”

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The former TV star made the move into porn aged 44, leading some to claim he is ‘too old’ to take up the pro sex job.

He said: “I left the business in 2013 after my boss in Southwest Florida told me that research had shown ’people here just don’t like you’.

“Add to that, the immense pressure of daily ratings where your job is virtually on the line every single day.

“TV news as we know it is dying, and the old school model is trying to divide a financial pie that has shrank by 75 percent in just 15 years.

“I miss telling great stories, I miss the rush of sharing breaking news and I miss getting to know viewers.”

“What I don’t miss is the schizophrenic management at every station that can’t decide from day to day what they want, and as a result are constantly blaming the talent and trying to make the talent be something they aren’t.

“If they left the talent the f*ck alone to be who we are, viewers would be a lot happier.

“Most anchors are so beat down, even they don’t have a clue anymore about who they really are.”

Dallas Steele (Twitter/@DallasSteeleXXX)

Dallas Steele (Twitter/@DallasSteeleXXX)

Dallas Steele (Twitter/@DallasSteeleXXX)

Dallas Steele (Twitter/@DallasSteeleXXX)

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Ex-Fox News anchor turned adult star Jim Walker
Ex-Fox News anchor turned adult star Jim Walker (Twitter/@jwloosecannon)

Some have accused the ex-anchor of suffering a ‘mid-life crisis’.

Walker damned the criticism, though, telling Cocktails and Cocktalk that he “felt bad” for his critics.

“They’ve obviously decided at some point that there are limitations about who you can be and what you can do once you hit 40.”

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The former news host appears to be taking his new job very seriously.

He even got silicone butt implants, apparently paid for by an escorting client.

He said: “I’m sorry if the haters have decided that gays over forty are supposed to put on the board shorts, move to the suburbs and settle down to bridge parties once per week.

“I don’t plan to ever go quietly into the night.”

Steele added his had no regrets about his career change, adding: “I’m much more successful in every measure than I ever was before.”

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