UK rally to send love to Australia’s equal marriage campaigners


A mass demonstration in favour of marriage equality is set to go ahead in London to show solidarity with LGBT Australians, ahead of a public vote on equal marriage..

The London rally will take place on Tuesday, September 12 at the Southbank’s Underbelly Festival.

The organisers, Australian ‘boylesque’ performance troupe Briefs, intend to stage the largest show of support for equal marriage in Australia that London has seen.

On the evening of September 12, ballot papers are issued for the forthcoming postal survey.

Organisers will lead hundreds, many of whom are Australian same sex couples, in a show of support for equal marriage and equal love, as voting is expected to begin in their home country.

Australian couples, audience members and anyone wishes to supports a change in the law are urged to participate in this call to action.

Briefs performer and rally organiser, Thomas Worrell is currently unable to marry his long-term partner in Australia.

He says: “Being in a same sex relationship, engaged and unable to marry while the entire country debates my rights is a complicated and difficult situation. To add to that being on the other side of the world and feeling removed from it all is even more challenging.

“We are going to make noise, even if we’re on the other side of the globe. There are so many Australians living or travelling around the world who want their voices to be heard in this matter.

“Many Australian same sex couples have been forced to marry overseas but won’t have their marriage recognised when they return home, and some just haven’t gone back.

“This is a chance for Australians living in London and others who believe marriage is the equal right of all to come together and celebrate life and just take a moment to acknowledge that while we aren’t at home, we are still connected, still responsible and still have a voice. A way to come together and celebrate equal love.”

The creator of the boylesque troupe, Fez Faanana, added: “Our event is about stomping our heels, kicking up dust and being heard about marriage equality in Australia.

“It’s about rallying together, while here in London, to remind our stunning sunburned country that the support exists here overseas.”

He adds: “Australia is a land with a difficult history of inequality and now is the time to continue moving forward and managing this turbulence. 


“It breaks my heart to think about the potential negative impact on individuals, young people, couples, families and communities in Australia.

“The sanctity of marriage is real and everyone is entitled to this sanctity including same sex couples. Our Briefs Factory productions are about diversity, the celebration of life, the acknowledgement and celebration of similarities and differences.

“We proudly tour the world as an Australian company representing difference and continue to have such wonderful support from UK audiences.

“The world is waiting and watching to see if the people of Australia have progressed forward enough to vote ‘yes’ for equality. The world needs to put the pressure on and Australians all over the world need to fight for the chance to have their say.”


Australia is preparing for a non-binding postal vote on legalising same-sex marriage.

Pending a legal challenge, ballot papers are expected to be sent out for a postal vote later this month.

The vote has been very controversial as it is going ahead without permission from Parliament, under the authority of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. It is entirely unofficial and not legally binding in itself.