Australia’s first openly gay female senator marries her long-term partner in beautiful ceremony

Photo shows Penny Wong on the right in a red suit, and her partner Sophie on the left in a wedding dress, smiling in a garden

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong announced on March 17 that she has married her partner Sophie Allouache in a beautiful wedding, with the pair pictured posing in a garden and holding flowers.

Labor politician Penny Wong and Sophie Allouache have been together for almost two decades, and have two daughters – Alexandra, 11, and Hannah, 8 – who were reportedly flower bearers at the wedding.

The wedding took place at a winery in Adelaide on Saturday, and was also attended by prime minister Anthony Albanese, as well as several senior parliamentarians. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia; Ms Wong represents that state in the senate.

“We are delighted that so many of our family and friends could share this special day with us,” said Wong on Instagram.

The post received almost 1500 comments, with many people congratulating the couple. One person said: “Congratulations! We wish you a wonderful marriage and more years of joy and connection. It’s beautiful to see you both so happy!”

Another addressed Penny Wong, writing: “CONGRATULATIONS!!! omg! And the red suit rocks!”

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Wedding photographer Catherine Leo, who took the photo, commented: “Such an honour to capture this incredible day for such a beautiful couple – congratulations!! And thank you.”

Same-sex marriage became legal in Australia in 2017, becoming the 25th country in the world to have marriage equality for same-sex couples. The legislative victory followed years of activism and a three-month community campaign by the Equality Campaign.

Seven years earlier, in 2010, Ms Wong toed the line and refused to support gay marriage, as her political party’s official stance was that they did not support it.

“The party’s position is very clear and that is an institution between a man a woman,” she said. Adding: “I do respect the fact that’s how people view the institution.”

In the run up to the gay marriage vote, Wong repeatedly had to defend her family from being used as a negative example by opponents to gay marriage.

When Australia finally, decisively voted to support gay marriage, Wong put her head in her hands and started to cry with joy.

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