Saturday Night Live has returned to burn Donald Trump with a vengeance

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Saturday Night Live has returned from its summer break, and ripped into President Donald Trump with a vengeance.

In the four months SNL has been away on hiatus, Trump has continued to cause outrage and take away LGBT people’s rights.

In August, he officially and indefinitely instructed the Pentagon to ban transgender troops from serving in the US Military.

(YouTube/Saturday Night Live)
(YouTube/Saturday Night Live)

This was after he announced the ban over Twitter, sparking a huge backlash and several lawsuits to be filed against him.

The Commander in Chief was accused of trying to pass the ban and the pardon Joe Arpaio under the radar while media outlets focus on Hurricane Harvey.

He faced claims of hypocrisy after an address he made on Monday night about the US Military in which he said there was “no room for prejudice… for bigotry.”

His Department of Justice appeared in court last week to argue that discrimination against gay employees is legal.

His administration sided with a Christian baker who said Jesus wouldn’t bake a cake for gay people.

The President has also failed to pass healthcare reform and been accused by North Korea of declaring war on the country.

(YouTube/Saturday Night Live)
(YouTube/Saturday Night Live)

That’s quite a lot to cover in one SNL episode – but Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the crew did it brilliantly.

Just in the first sketch, the show covers Trump’s response to Puerto Rico and NFL protests, plus the rapid turnover in his administration.

Baldwin’s Trump takes a call with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who the President has denigrated over the past few days as she tries to rebuild her island, which is a US territory.

In the cold open, he tells her: “You should have paid your bills,” before adding that “we have to take care of America first.”

“Wait, you do know that we’re a US territory, don’t you?”

(YouTube/Saturday Night Live)
(YouTube/Saturday Night Live)

After abruptly putting the phone down on Cruz, Trump turns to his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and, in a throwback moment, says: “That woman was so nasty.”

The SNL cast then move on to making fun of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, with one of our most wonderful gay icons Kate McKinnon reprising her role.

In another highlights, Sanders voices her regret about calling the NFL #TakeAKnee protests “a black and white issue,” explaining that “I should have said it was a black versus white issue.”

Watch SNL savage Trump here: