The absolute cutest same-sex wedding proposals of 2017

Sometimes proposals can be a private affair, but other times they bring a lot of joy to other people if they are public.

PinkNews brings you a rundown of some of the most adorable wedding proposals which have taken place this year.

From a cage fighter to a man who rowed more than 3,000 miles to propose to his boyfriend, all of these proposals have something in common – love.

Get a tissue ready…

1. This police officer who proposed to her girlfriend at Pride in London

Jane and Dizzy share a kiss after the proposal

(Photo by HannahEachus/Twitter)

The beautiful moment that the two women, Jane and Dizzy, got engaged was captured on video and shared on the British Transport Police Twitter account.

The short but sweet proposal saw the officer say yes and the two shared an embrace as crowds around cheered for them.

The couple were surrounded by tens of thousands of revellers at Pride in London this year as the parade walked down Oxford Street to Trafalgar Square.

Check out the beautiful moment below:

2. And this soldier who proposed to his army boyfriend also at Pride in London

pride proposal london

Love was in the air at Pride in London this year, and since same-sex marriage became legal in England and Wales back in 2013, these couples couldn’t help themselves but commit to get hitched.

Corporal Damian Dagg met Josh Thorne a year before at the 2016 parade, so this summer’s event was the perfect moment to propose.

The Army medic walked out from the assembled troops from all three branches of the armed forces and beckoned his boyfriend, who plays in the Army Medical Services Band, to join him.

Check it out below:

3. A man who rowed 3,000 miles across an ocean to propose to his boyfriend

Not even an ocean could keep this couple from getting engaged.

David Alviar made the 3,000 mile, seven-week journey alongside Brian Krauskopf and Mike Matson.

At the other end waiting for Alviar was boyfriend Stanley Lewis, who the rower says was his motivation to finish the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

But he had something else in mind.

When he reached the dock, Alviar got down on one knee and proposed to Lewis.

Of course he said yes and the couple are now happily engaged – who could say no to that, right!?

4. The time Kelly Clarkson helped a fan propose to his boyfriend

alex malerba fiance kelly clarkson

When Kelly Clarkson fan Alex Malerba decided that his life would suck without partner Justin Blake, there was only one way to pop the question.

The South Carolina pair travelled to Las Vegas to see their hero perform at a conference, but when they met the Stronger singer backstage, Alex had already formed a secret plan.

Having received a shout-out during the show from Clarkson for mouthing along to her lyrics, he met her afterwards and asked if she would help him with the proposal.

Watch what happened here:

5. Or when a Disney-obsessed gay guy proposed on Splash Mountain

Reddit user Eugenius310 shared the incredible moment that he popped the question in style to his boyfriend Chris.

He sprung the surprise proposal on his partner during a trip to Disneyland, during a ride on the log flume Splash Mountain.

While his boyfriend was distracted by a drop, he whipped out a sign reading ‘Chris, will you marry me?’, in time for the theme park camera to pick up the message.

6. This filmmaker didn’t let 10,000 miles stop him from popping the question

Doug Langway and Joseph Chapman

(Photo by Doug Langway/Facebook)

Doug Langway went one step further in his proposal to his partner living 10,000 miles away.

The filmmaker decided that he would give his partner the cinematic proposal he deserved with the help of an iPad, Times Square and the kindness of strangers.

Posting on Facebook, he wrote: “When the love of your life is 10 thousand miles away you need a really big sign to propose marriage”.

In the video, Langway video calls his partner, Joseph Chapman on his iPad from Times Square.

Check it out below!

7. When people couldn’t handle actor Colton Haynes’ proposal

The Arrow star revealed his special news in a pretty amazing Instagram post for Valentine’s Day 2017.

It turns out Cher was in on the action, with a video playing of the star before Colton’s boyfriend, Jeff Leatham, popped the question.

Leatham, a celebrity florist, proposed to Haynes on the beach at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico.

A fireworks display set to Bruno Marrs Marry You then played out.


8. This YouTuber who proposed to his boyfriend and recorded the whole thing

YouTuber Brad Guy and his boyfriend Bo (YouTube)

YouTuber Brad Guy and his boyfriend Bo (YouTube)

Brad Guy is well known for his zany YouTube videos about gay life in Australia.

But one of his most more recent videos takes a turn for the adorable, as you can watch in full below.

YouTuber Brad Guy and his fiancé Bo (YouTube)

YouTuber Brad Guy and his fiancé Bo (YouTube)

We’ll let him explain.

“I asked my boyfriend to marry me!” Brad told his fans.

“It was a total surprise and he had no clue that I was going to propose!”

Watch the video via Brad below:

9. A cage fighter who sweetly proposed after a brutal bout

Jessica Andrade, an Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor, had just gone five rounds with belt holder Joanna Jędrzejczyk.

She ended the contest the loser, with a bloody face, but showed enormous spirit in defeat.

And once she had discussed the fight with the in-cage interviewer, Andrade showed further courage to take the ultimate leap.

UFC Jessica Andrade pre-fight

UFC Jessica Andrade pre-fight 2

Fans in the crowd started cheering as she made the proposal to her girlfriend Fernanda in Portuguese, before it was translated into English.

“Today, I’d like to make a special request to my girlfriend, Fernanda, who is here,” said Andrade.

“I want to ask her for marriage.”

And of course she said yes.

10. This man who proposed to his boyfriend at a Little Mix concert

Little Mix (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

An amazing moment took place at the Little Mix concert in London.

During Secret Love Song, a man got down on one knee, and proposed to his boyfriend.

Amid claps and screams from onlookers, he accepted!

A fan filmed the moment and put it on Twitter, which Jade Thirwall shared the video on her Instagram with the caption “my heart ♥️”

Watch it here:

11. A rugby player who proposed to his boyfriend at Pride in London

Kings Cross Pride (Twitter)

Kings Cross Pride (Twitter)

Yet another entry from Pride in London this year.

The London-based Kings Cross Steelers were founded back in 1995 as the first-ever gay-inclusive rugby union club.

They’re a regular fixture at Pride, and had been posting regular updates throughout the day.

Kings Cross Steelers at Pride (Twitter)

During this year’s Parade, they looked to be doing a normal rugby lineout set-piece for the crowds.

Fernando Ferreira stepped out from his team and sauntered over to the barrier.

There he met eyes with his boyfriend Greg Woodford and dropped to one knee…

Congrats to everyone that got engaged this year!