Gay couple stage 100 marriage proposals in Poland to positive response

Gay couple Jakub Kwieciński and David Mycek propose in Poland

A gay couple were met with an overwhelmingly positive response when they staged more than 100 marriage proposals in Poland.

Gay couple Jakub Kwieciński and David Mycek, who got married in Portugal in 2017, asked passersby to film their fake wedding proposals on the streets of Warsaw.

In the video, one of the couple asks a member of the public, who isn’t aware that it is a same-sex proposal, to film the moment.

Watch the video below:

The bystander only finds out that they are filming a gay proposal when the other half of the couple appears.

Gay couple are met with mostly positive response to wedding proposals in Poland

Heartwarmingly, Kwieciński and Mycek are met with a mostly positive response, with passersby taking photos, wishing them good luck and congratulating them.

At one point, when the gay couple propose in Szembek Square, they are met with applause and bystanders shake their hands.

However, Kwieciński and Mycek include a few incidents of discrimination in the video, which they have uploaded on YouTube. 

In one scene, the Kwieciński and Mycek, who are well-known for making viral music videos, are forced to leave a busy market after they are confronted over their proposal.

And, in another clip, a woman refuses to film the moment when she realises that they are a gay couple.

Equal marriage is still illegal in Poland

Equal marriage and same-sex civil unions are still illegal in Poland and there is no specific law protecting LGBT+ people from discrimination.

A gay couple proposed more than 100 times in Poland

Jakub Kwieciński and David Mycek staged more than 100 mock proposals in Poland as a social experiment. (Jakub & Dawid/YouTube)

A bill was introduced into Poland’s parliament in 2018, which, if passed, would increase penalties for attacks motivated by hate against LGBT+ people.

Polish president Andrzej Duda recently said that he is considering banning LGBT+ content in the media.

In August, PinkNews reported on a gay couple, who were assaulted in a homophobic attack by two men shouting “faggots” and “gay c***s” on a busy beach in Gdańsk, while onlookers stood by and did nothing.

British national James Pickering, 39, and his Polish-German boyfriend Joseph Czarny, 25, who currently live in London, told PinkNews that the attack was “traumatising.”

The couple had planned to move to the eastern European country to care for Czarny’s parents, but said they are now re-considering whether to relocate.

Czarny, who runs an electrical company, told PinkNews: “Nobody really helped us to be honest…that was the most depressing thing, you know.

“Attacking us was one thing, but another thing was that nobody helped. That was just unbelievable.”