John Waters has one pretty hilarious theory why Shape of Water is set where it is

the shape of water

Iconic director John Waters has put forward a pretty hilarious theory on why he thinks the Shape of Water is set in Baltimore.

The landmark Academy Award-winning film, which is set in Charm City, Baltimore in 1962, follows the romance between a mute cleaner and her fish-like lover, who is trapped inside a research facility.

And when director Guillermo Del Toro was asked about the inspiration behind the time and the location of the event, he cited Diner filmmaker Barry Levinson – as well as Waters.

In fact, the Baltimore setting played out in tribute to Baltimore-native Barry Levinson and Walters.

“And then there’s John Waters, man,” said the Shape of Water director.

Jimmy Kimmel and The Shape of Water director Guillermo del Toro (Photo by Matt Petit/A.M.P.A.S via Getty Images)

Waters, who is famed for the likes of Hairspray and Cry-Baby, said that not only was it “lovely” that he inspired Gulliermo Del Toro to set the film in Baltimore – it was for one pretty pertinent reason.

“I thought maybe he had picked Baltimore because most people I know here, myself included, have had sex with a monster once in their life too,” Waters added in an email to The Baltimore Sun.

Yeuch! Bazinga! Laying down the law there, sire Waters.

Walters, as well as being out and proud, is an avid supporter of gay rights and gay pride.

So as well as the gay narrative that also featured in the film, it’s good to know that Del Toro knows where to find and praise his queer cinematic icons.

The Shape of Water scooped four Oscars at the latest ceremony, as well as two Golden Globe awards for Best Original Score and Best Director.