Netflix has just released a surprise mini-episode of Queer Eye

If you’ve already binged your way through Queer Eye Season 2, don’t worry – Netflix has your back.

The Fab Five have restyled the US with aplomb, while offering words of wisdom and thoughts on the States’ political climate to boot.

During Season 2, we saw the Fab 5 smash through several barriers including the wonderful makeover of a woman in Gay, Georgia, and the reboot’s first makeover of a transgender man.

Miss Tammye (Netflix)

However, for those of us who have already finished Season 2 – and let’s face it, that’s most of us – Netflix has just released a 20-minute mini-episode available below.

In the new mini-episode, the Queer Eye team went international as they head to the town of Yass in New South Wales, Australia.

Fans were given a sneak peek of the trip to the small town on June 7, when Netflix released a clip of the Fab Five being crowned literal ‘Yass Queens’ by the mayor of Yass.

Now fans have the chance to watch all of the hijinks the guys got up to in Yass, including two stunning makeovers.

The Fab Five have a sing-a-long (Netflix)

The Fab Five begin by making over a 50-year-old rancher called George, who starts off a little bit wary of the energetic team.

Grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness later said: “I do think George has never had four American gay men with one gorgeous Pakistani Brit ever come so aggressively at him for cuddles.”

The makeover soon gets underway and even though the episode is only 20 minutes long, we get to see everything that we usually love.

Fashion expert Tan France runs through George’s wardrobe and self-care guru Karamo tries to get George to open up and talk about his feelings.

Karamo and George (Netflix)

Meanwhile, Antoni and Bobby head to a bistro in the town of Yass to revamp both the menu and the decor, with fabulous results.

We see Antoni cook – spoilers, there’s no avocado involved – and Bobby gives the bistro a stylish upgrade.

Like the rest of the makeovers, it’s a heartwarming and joyful mini-episode that might win the series record for the quickest time to make the audience cry.

It’s a happy ending (Netflix)

As well as giving us cute moments like their own acoustic rendition of the Queer Eye theme song, the Fab Five are as socially aware as usual.

Grooming expert and queen of gay vernacular Jonathan Van Ness highlighted the recent progress Australia has made for the LGBT community, particularly after the same-sex marriage postal vote in November 2017.

He said: “I think because just legalised same-sex marriage, it’s only fitting that we would sweep into a gorgeous little town and create a gorgeous little community moment.”

It’s so wholesome.

Watch the full 20 miniute episode below