Ellen DeGeneres shares her show’s best LGBT moments to celebrate Pride

DeGeneres came out on the cover of Time magazine (The Ellen Show)

Ellen DeGeneres has shared the best LGBT moments from her show for a ‘best of Pride’ roundup to celebrate Pride month.

Since the The Ellen DeGeneres Show hit our screens in 2003, Ellen has used her platform to elevate several notable LGBT people and causes.

In thee heartfelt compilation, Ellen took a look back at some of these moments, some of which might bring a tear to your eye.

(The Ellen Show / YouTube)

The “Best of Pride” video begins with her emotional celebration of the 20th anniversary of her coming out as gay on the cover of TIME Magazine in April 1997.

The compilation then goes on to show viewers some of the heartfelt interviews that the actress and producer has hosted over the last 15 years.

Ellen’s television show has featured interviews with a wide range of LGBT celebrities including Elton John, Ellen Page, Jim Parsons and Lady Gaga.

In the clip, Ellen looked back over the appearances of Sam Smith, Laverne Cox and non-binary actor Asia Kate Dillon, which were all groundbreaking interviews in their own ways.

Asia Kate Dillon in Billions (Showtime)

The clip then goes on to reflect on Ellen’s wedding and how she and her wife actress Portia De Rossi celebrated their special day.

The compilation also takes a more serious tone, reflecting on interviews with President Obama as well as a father who became an unexpected advocate for LGBT rights.

During the electoral race for the Alabama Senate seat, Nathan Mathis, a farmer from Northern Alabama, gave an impassioned speech outside of a Roy Moore campaign event in the memory of his daughter who had died by suicide.

Mathis went viral after he stood outside of the campaign rally and slammed Moore for his anti-LGBT stance.

He told reporters: “I was taught that gay was wrong. I said bad things to her when I found out she was gay. But nothing was wrong with her. Who was wrong? It was me.

“We got today a man running for US Senate. He called my daughter a pervert just because she was gay. That’s wrong.”

Obama and Ellen

President Obama and Ellen DeGeneres (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Mathis then made a heartfelt appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he talked to the 60-year-old host about his daughter Patti.

In 2016, Ellen was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work in the LGBT community, including her work on the hugely popular show.

This compilation shows that it was truly well deserved.

Watch the beautiful compilation below