Kesha features gay wedding in new music video for Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic

Kesha has released an incredible new anthem for equality.

The artist this week unveiled track “Here Comes The Change,” which is from the soundtrack of upcoming film On The Basis of Sex.

The film is a biopic based on the life of US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist and liberal hero whose decades of work span from pioneering jurisprudence on sex discrimination to the court’s ruling in favour of equal marriage.

Those themes are front-and-centre in Kesha’s track, an unapologetic anthem of gender and sexual equality.

She sings: “Oh here comes the change/Oh we’re comin’ of age/This is not a phase/Here comes here comes the change

“Hope there’ll come a time when we/Where we can live in and die free/I hope and pray/There’ll come the day/And it’s comin’ soon.”

Writing for Refinery29, Kesha explained: “For me, these words are about promoting love and equality, the belief that everyone should have the same opportunity to live a safe and healthy life full of love and hope regardless of their skin color or sexual orientation or gender or religion.”

The music video, meanwhile, features groups of activists coming together in unity.

It also features a same-sex wedding, with two men silently exchanging vows as others wave rainbow flags.

The end of the video sees everyone register to vote, with the clip pointedly including the date of the US midterm elections, November 6, 2018.

Kesha added: “I hope the song and the video reminds you that we don’t all have to loom as large as these heroes to make a difference. We can all vote and speak up for what we believe in. We can all have a positive impact on our shared future.

“If you believe in these things like I do, then I hope you will register to vote and make your voice heard this November.

“When people in positions of power attack the progress we have made toward full equality it’s our duty to go out to the voting booth and show them that is unacceptable.

“Together we can prove to our leaders and the rest of the world that we will not tolerate challenges to equality and freedom in our country.”

The LGBT and #MeToo activist previously officiated a real lesbian wedding in her video for cover track “I Need A Woman To Love.”

The video was dedicated to real-life couple Lindsay and Dani, with Kesha performing their wedding ceremony in what she explains is her third same-sex marriage ceremony to date.

Kesha tells the pair: “Marriage is a promise between two people who love each other, who trust that love, and who wish to spend the rest of their lives together.”

Speaking about “I Need A Woman To Love,” Kesha said: “I’ve always been an advocate for equal rights.

“It’s an issue that is so close to my heart – it’s a part of my family and my friends and part of me. When I was approached for this project, I instantly said yes – it was a no brainier.

“I fought my entire life for equality and I’ll continue to do so forever.”