Gangrene rots man’s penis until it drops off

A man from India had his entire penis rot and fall off because of a flesh-eating gangrene, which may have been triggered by recent surgery he’d had to treat cancer in his neck.

The 65-year old had first gone to King George’s Medical University Hospital in Lucknow in the north of the country for an operation to treat cancer in his thyroid.

During the surgery, doctors attempted to insert a catheter—a tube to drain urine—but the process damaged the inside of the man’s penis.

The man contracted a rare gangrene, which eats away at flesh in the genital region. (Pixabay)

The man then suffered from a “blackish discolouration” on the shaft of his member, according to the Daily Mail‘s report of a case report in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

After 10 days, the patient checked back in to the hospital, where doctors realised he had developed a rare type of flesh-eating infection, called Fournier’s gangrene, in his penis.

Surgeons tried to remove the gangrene, but they were unsuccessful as the gangrene had spread along the shaft of the penis.

The, two weeks after the attempted surgery, the 65-year old’s penis “autoamptutated”—meaning it dropped off on its own.

It’s believed to be the third ever reported case of a person’s penis falling off as a result of Fournier’s gangrene.

The man later had surgery to remove what was left of his member, and now urinates through a tube above his scrotum.

Still, one of the doctors, Siddharth Pandey, said his patient was “doing well” three months after the ordeal.


The man was said to be “doing well” three months after losing his penis. (Arun Nevader/Getty)

“The patient had a [cancer] which might have contributed to him developing this condition,” he wrote in the report.

He added that the man’s age. as well as his weakened immune system from the surgery and cancer, could have contributed to him developing the infection.

It comes after doctors at a hospital in Milan, Italy, were recently forced to make a lasso-like device to remove a 23-inch dildo lodged inside a man’s colon.

The 31-year old man checked into a hospital in Milan, saying that the 60cm sex toy had been stuck inside him for about 24 hours after he had inserted it into his rectum.