Trans couple Hannah and Jake Graf discuss adorable baby plans

Hannah and Jake Graf

Trans couple Hannah and Jake Graf have discussed their plans to have a baby on ITV’s Lorraine.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on Thursday morning’s show (January 31), couple Hannah and Jake Graf explained that they have recently joined an agency with the hope of being matched with a surrogate, who would carry their child.

Jake, who recently starred in Colette alongside Keira Knightley, told Kelly: “At the moment we’re just playing the waiting game and hope someone will give us that ultimate gift and give us the chance.”

Hannah and Jake Graf join agency in search of surrogate

He added: “When you think all our friends are trying and we can’t try and we’re hoping a very kind stranger who will hopefully become a friend can help… it’s the ultimate gift to give someone a child which I have wanted for so many years.

“Historically people have been incredibly careful [with surrogacy]… we’re funding it all ourselves but there is a very small pool of surrogates and we didn’t know where to go.

“We’re just hoping people are listening and willing to come forward.”

Watch PinkNews’ interview with Hannah and Jake Graf below:

Hannah, who is an officer in the British Army, explained that she wanted to form a bond with the surrogate that the couple choose to carry their baby.

“It’s important to build the good relationships during the pregnancy… and [a surrogate] can know they’ve done something truly amazing and altruistic for people who need a bit of help,” she said.

Hannah and Jake Graf: “It’s the ultimate gift to give someone a child”

Hannah, who was recently awarded an MBE for her work promoting diversity, said that the couple wanted to fight for the trans community’s rights.

“I think we live in a very interesting time in the trans movement, where we have both come out in a place where we’re welcomed and supported by our friends and have been able to put out this positive message of who we are,” she explained.

“We’re very privileged to have the voice we have… we’re trying to do what we can with it, to contribute to a better future.”

—Hannah Graf

“We’re very privileged to have the voice we have… we’re trying to do what we can with it, to contribute to a better future.”

In December, the Graf couple opened up to PinkNews about their relationship.

“From the minute that I saw Hannah standing underneath the clock in Waterloo station at three in the afternoon, which is when obviously all good dates start, I just thought she was absolutely beautiful,” Jake said.

“We just really clicked and you know, we click on a level that’s much more than being trans.”

Hannah told PinkNews: “I think it’s worth pointing out that we’re not saying that trans people can only date other trans people—quite far from it—it’s just a situation that worked for us.”