Lisa Simpson is ‘possibly polyamorous,’ says Simpsons showrunner

An episode of The Simpsons in 2011 showed Lisa Simpson with two female partners in a future timeline.

The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean has said that Lisa Simpson’s future involves her being “possibly polyamorous.”

Jean told the Metro: “I see Lisa as President and possibly polyamorous.”

“[Homer and Marge will be] ecstatic that everything turned out OK.”

The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean

He added that the future also promised happiness for Bart, and that their parents Homer and Marge would be “ecstatic that everything turned out OK.”

The revelation confirms what many fans of The Simpsons have suspected since 2011, when a season 23 episode showed a future version of Lisa with a female partner—then two female partners.

A still from a 2011 episode of The Simpsons.

Bart Simpson was overly surprised at Lisa’s girlfriend. (The Simpsons)

Jean, whose involvement with The Simpsons dates back to 1991, also said that his team was looking to introduce more LGBT+ characters to the show in future.

The Simpsons has a history of featuring queer characters

The Simpsons has a history of dedicating episodes to LGBT+ content, notably in 1997 with the Emmy and GLAAD Award-winning episode “Homer’s Phobia.”

Over the course of the episode, Homer slowly came to terms with homosexuality and the idea that Bart could be gay.

Last year, former showrunners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein revealed that the episode was initially deemed “unacceptable for air” by Fox, before a new censor was brought in and gave them the green light.

The cartoon, which first aired in 1989, also finally showed Mr Burns’ assistant Waylon Smithers coming out as gay in 2016.

This took place after countless moments down the years in which his sexuality—and attraction to his boss—were made implicitly clear.

Homer even tried to set Smithers up with a man called Tom Collins in that episode, though Burns’ longtime employee quickly rejected the offer.

Lisa Simpson sits on a pier during 1996 episode of The Simpsons, Summer of 4 Ft. 2.

Fans have long theorised that Lisa Simpson might be queer. (The Simpsons)

Lisa’s music teacher at Springfield Elementary School, Dewey Largo, also came out as gay when he ran off with his soulmate, another man called Dewey who he met at Moe’s Tavern.

Marge’s sister, Patty Bouvier, revealed she was a lesbian in season 16, when she almost married Veronica. The storyline focused on Marge gradually accepting her sister’s sexuality.

The Simpsons has featured drag queens

Last year, drag queen superstar RuPaul arrived in Springfield and gave Marge and Homer the drag experience of their lives.

“Werking Mum,” which aired in November, saw the RuPaul’s Drag Race legend encouraging Marge to dress in drag to sell ‘Tubberware,’ before her husband Homer eventually followed suit.

Over the course of approximately 20 barrier-breaking minutes, the episode also introduced viewers to the drag personas of Krusty the Clown’s long-suffering sidekick Sideshow Mel and Smithers, who was known as “the Mysterious Waylon.”

RuPaul’s character, Queen Chante, even sung a re-worked version of the iconic track “Glamazon,” which included the explosive lyrics: “Come out of your mum shell / And become a bombshell.”