The lesbian couple who left The Bachelor to be together are happier than ever

Former The Bachelor contestants Minh Thu and Truc Nhu embracing.

The queer contestants who left a rose ceremony on the Vietnamese version of The Bachelor to be with each other are still happily together.

Since September, when Minh Thu responded to her elimination from the show by declaring her love for Truc Nhu, the women have attended Hanoi Pride together and chronicled their travels across Vietnam.

Minh Thu and Truc Nhu, who met on The Bachelor, at Hanoi Pride in 2018.

The couple attended Hanoi Pride in November. (kattkool_11/instagram)

At Hanoi Pride in November, the pair took to the stage to huge applause from attendees, only to prompt an even louder cheer by kissing.

Thu has posted numerous adorable Instagram pictures over the past six months, with captions like “she is not alone anymore” and the question: “Can we grow old together?”

They’ve trekked through the southern region of Langbiang, and on Valentine’s Day visited the ocean—on a motorbike, of course.

They also swapped flowers to celebrate the day, posting photos of the sweet gifts to Instagram with the message: “Spend all your time, effort and love preserving what is yours.”

Just last month, Nhu surprised Thu with a bouquet of sunflowers, which Thu posted with the caption: “Thank you .”

How did Minh Thu and Truc Nhu get together on The Bachelor?

After bachelor Quoc Trung decided against giving a rose to Thu, kicking her out of the country’s first season of the programme, she avoided the exit and instead made her way to Nhu.

She embraced Nhu and, while sobbing into Nhu’s dress as she stroked her head, said: “Come home with me. Come home with me.”

“I’m sorry, I really want to get to know you… I’m sorry. I’m giving back your rose.”

— Minh Thu on The Bachelor

She then watched on as Nhu approached Trung and told him: “I’m sorry, I really want to get to know you… I’m sorry. I’m giving back your rose.”

Despite Trung and the host’s urgings to stay and continue trying to win the competition, Nhu walked out, with Thu following close behind.

The Bachelor couple Minh Thu and Truc Nhu walk through the streets of Vietnam.

The women often wear matching outfits. (kattkool_11/instagram)

The heartwarming moment prompted an outpouring of joy online, with one person writing: “So a woman contestant on Vietnam’s The Bachelor confessed her love for another woman and they left together! I’M F**KING CRYING AMERICAN BACHELOR COULD ONLY WISH!!”

Though gay sex is legal in Vietnam and a ban on same-sex weddings was overturned in 2015, the government still doesn’t protect against LGBT+ discrimination or officially recognise married gay couples.