Two women left a rose ceremony on The Bachelor to be together

Two women on the Vietnamese version of The Bachleor have dramatically abandoned a rose ceremony to be with each other.

After bachelor Quoc Trung decided against giving a rose to Minh Thu, therefore eliminating her from the country’s first season of the show, she responded by declaring her love for another contestant, Truc Nhu.

Though gay sex is legal in Vietnam and a ban on same-sex weddings was overturned in 2015, the government still doesn’t protect against LGBT+ discrimination or officially recognise married gay couples.

Minh Thu confesses her love for Truc Nhu (the bachelor vietnam)

Despite these barriers, Thu emotionally told Trung on national television: “I went into this competition to find love.

“I’ve found that love for myself — but it isn’t you. It’s someone else.”

Walking round to Nhu, she embraced her and, while sobbing into Nhu’s dress as she stroked her head, said: “Come home with me. Come home with me.”

She then watched on as Nhu approached Trung and tell him: “I’m sorry, I really want to get to know you… I’m sorry. I’m giving back your rose.”

“I’m sorry. I’m giving back your rose” (the bachelor vietnam)

Despite Trung and the host’s urgings to stay and continue trying to win the competition, Nhu walked out, with Thu following close behind.

The heartwarming moment prompted an outpouring of joy online.

One person wrote: “So a woman contestant on Vietnam’s The Bachelor confessed her love for another woman and they left together ! I’M F**KING CRYING AMERICAN BACHELOR COULD ONLY WISH!!

“AMERICAN BACHELOR COULD ONLY WISH!” (Louissugarbear/twitter)

“And it happened on TV in a country where same sex marriage isn’t legalised.”

Another tweeted: “The Bachelor Vietnam has two contestants who legit rode of into the sunset with each other and left the stale bread that is The Bachelor himself so I’ve been hype all morning.”

“I’ve been hype all morning” (koism/twitter)

But not long after the emotional ceremony, Nhu came back to the show, explaining that she had changed her mind and would be re-entering the contest to win Trung’s heart.

Despite this u-turn, the show’s senior story producer Anh-Thu told BuzzFeed News that there was nothing fake about the scene.

They said: “From being able to witness this clip unfold firsthand on our show, I find that the true story here is that love defies labels and can develop in unexpected places in beautiful and complicated ways, and that being able to be true to yourself and having the courage to admit your feelings is powerful.

“Come home with me” (the bachelor vietnam)

“In the cynical age that we live in, it’s very easy to believe these things are staged, but if you look at every contestant’s face as well as the host’s, you can tell this is 100 percent real.

“There aren’t any fast cuts nor do we overplay the scene. This scene breathes on its own.”

This isn’t the first queer representation which The Bachelor has featured, with the most famous example being from the Australia version of the reality show, which included two women who ended up with each other.

Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon both entered the fourth season of the programme in 2016 hoping to win bachelor Richie Strahan’s heart, only to end up together.

And the country’s edition of the show broke another barrier last year when it welcomed its first ever bisexual contestant, 27-year-old Natalie Holmberg, who came out during the show’s season five premiere.