Fans of country music and showtunes are more likely to be bottoms, study finds

If your Spotify is full of country music and show tunes, you’re more statistically likely to be a bottom, according to a study.

While those preferring to top are more likely to tune into reggae and folk music, the study by online ticket marketplace TickPick found.

Many of the musical genres preferred by tops also popped up frequently in those who said they have a sexual fetish.

Top of the pops.

Surveying 1,010 people of all sexual identities, the study looked at what music people listened to and crossed it with their rhythm in the bedroom, from position preference to whether they have worn AirPods during sex.

However, the study split people between those who prefer to be “on the top”, and those who prefer “on the bottom”. Vers and side folk don’t listen to music, apparently.

According to the survey, those who bottom listen to country, show tunes, pop, alternative and indie rock music. Just under 50% of country listeners said they prefer to bottom.

Topping the charts for tops came reggae, folk, EDM, jazz and blues. Reggae topped the respondents with 37 percent of listeners preferring the position.

Around 57 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their sex lives, but out of the bunch, country music fans were the most, at 66.6 percent.

While pop music fans were the least, being closest to the average of 57.2 percent. But fans of the blues had nothing to feel blue about, apparently, as the study found they lasted the longest in bed at around 16 minutes.

Seventeen percent of AirPod users have worn them during sex.

Hip-hop/rap fans were the least likely to give oral sex, and nearly one in four folk fans had cried during sex.

Around 17 percent of AirPod owners reported having had sex with them on. (Stock photo via Envato Elements)

Nevertheless, the study fond some odd niches about people’s sex lives, such as how 17 percent of respondents who own Apple AirPod earphones have had sex while wearing them.

“The wireless earphones could offer simultaneous enjoyment of wildly different music tastes, although this is just one scenario,” theorised the researcher.

Among kinks, those who like to have sex to indie rock, show tunes and pop were the most likely to enjoy BDSM.

Moreover, country fans were the most into role-play and anal, but also the lowest to state they used protection during sex.

Hip-hop, indie, alternative, and heavy metal fans were the most sexually responsible, with at least 64% of each fan group claiming to use contraceptives during sex.

EDM listeners are the kinkiest, study says.

Around four in ten EDM listeners reported a sexual fetish – the highest of the respondents. This was in contrast to classic rock enthusiast, who reported kinks the least frequently with 3 out of ten.

Furthermore, indie rock lovers also love BDSM the most (at 51,5 percent, followed by show tunes, pop, alternative and folk).

Country music fans were also the most likely to enjoy role-playing (47.7%) and anal (36.9%).

Music to our ears: Couples with similar music tastes have quantity and quality.

Another trend that might be music to some people’s ears was that 79.6 percent of respondents in a romantic relationship (at the time of the study earlier in June this year) who have the same musical tastes as one another are satisfied sexually.

Moreover, they more frequently have sex (eight times per month) compared to couples with different tastes – six times per month.

Couples with different music tastes reported satisfaction about 43.6 percent of the time, suggesting a correlation between mutual musical tastes and sexual satisfaction.

“Some of the findings absolutely apply to me,” James Besanville told PinkNews.

The self-declared bottom from Australia told PinkNews: “It’s hilarious that some of my fellow bottoms also love listening to country music like Kacey Musgraves and Lil Nas X, but also show tunes and pop.

“But my husband loves music genres like these too and that obviously doesn’t make him any less of a top in our relationship.

“Music can probably directly influence your sex life if you’ve got a song playing in the background while you’re getting it on, but, in my circles at least, I doubt there’s much validity to tops preferring Bob Marley over Ariana Grande.”