Cardi B hits back at fans who claim she’s transphobic

Cardi B

Cardi B hit back at people calling her “transphobic” in a Twitter rant, claiming that she must support all LGBT+ people because her sister is gay, there are two trans people in her “glam team” and she’s a “whole bisexual”.

Her now-deleted tweets read: “I’m not transphobic. Ya love dragging that. Have I said some remarks in the past that I apologized for YES I’m from a place that people have closed mindsets so we might now [know what] insults other or not I never disrespected no trans nor nobody from LGBT.

“How many tweets and videos have I made supporting LGBT? PLENTY! How much I support 2 [people] on my glam team who I been experiencing they Transition? HARD! So don’t label me something that I’m not!

“DO you know the real definition of Transphobia? [When] you can’t even be next to trans or gays, people literally fight for them not to have equal rights.

“[I’m] in [an] industry that until this day male rap artists get uncomfortable when I come thru wit my team and I still don’t GIVE A F*CK!”

Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B performs at the 92.3 Real Street Festival. (Scott Dudelson/Getty)

In a reply to another tweet claiming that Cardi B needed “the gays” to improve her fashion sense, she said: “B***h my sister is gay! My best friends are gay butch women. I’m a whole bisexual so wtf are you talking.”

Last year an anti-trans meme was shared on the rapper’s Facebook page, but she blamed the incident on a former employee and said she no longer had access to the page.

Earlier in 2018, she defended her now-husband, Migos rapper Offset, after he used an anti-gay lyric in his song.

In the song ‘Boss Life’, the rapper sang: “I cannot vibe with queers.” But Cardi B said she had seen Offset “around gays” and that she knew “he’s not” homophobic.