Gothy Kendoll on trans contestants, getting into debt for Drag Race UK and *that* Alan Carr comment

Drag Race UK exploded onto our screens last night and the world went nuts.

But for 22-year-old Gothy Kendoll the ride was all too brief as she become the first UK queen to sashay away.

She lost a lip-sync to Vinegar Strokes and Alan Carr likened her runway look to an estate agent.

We caught up with Gothy to find out how she’s dealing with the experience.

What’s the reaction been like?

Mental. Obviously you get the odd Debbie Downer but 99% has been positive which I’m really happy about.

How did your memory compare to what we saw?

Going home first you’re like: ‘Oh I f****d up so bad, I did so shit sh*t.’ I was replaying all the bad things Michelle said about me. But watching it you get a sense of my personality. I don’t have any problems with what was shown because it was all very fair.

Gothy’s self-described chav aesthetic (BBC).

How much money did you spend on preparing for Drag Race?

I’d just moved to Manchester and spent all my savings when I got the call to come on so I was like: ‘Sh*t, I’ve got no money.’ It’s a real problem on a show like this because you’ve got to fund it off your own back.

I went all the way in my overdraft and took out a loan from my mum. Altogether I spent about £2,000.

I don’t think any estate agent wears Mugler, so he can call me what he wants.

Did you know there wasn’t going to be any prize money?

No. But you don’t go on for the prize, you go on for the exposure and experience. It’s about being able to show your drag.

Who were you planning for Snatch Game?

I had two: Ozzy Osborne and Nigella Lawson.

‘Tigers are scary but a little pussy never hurt anyone’ Gothy Kendoll (BBC).

What did you think of Alan Carr calling you an estate agent?

I don’t think any estate agent wears Mugler, so he can call me what he wants.

What do you hope people have learnt from your time on Drag Race?

That being different and showing you is what’s most important.

Would you like to see season two of Drag Race UK open its doors to trans and AFAB queens?  

I think it should show all drag, but the label shouldn’t matter. We had a diverse cast between us and I think we should talk about diversity of talent rather than a label.

But you would like to see it opened up?

Yeah, it shouldn’t matter if you’re trans, whatever. If you’ve got a diverse talent and your own aesthetic you should be able to get on.

Who is your favourite Drag Race queen?

Divina [De Campo] was the first drag queen I ever met on my first gay night out, so she’s to blame for this mess! She shows what traditional drag is in a unique way, and I really admire that.

Who do you want to win? Divina?  

[Laughing] I’m not allowed to answer that. They’re all so amazing.

What about your favourite queen from Drag Race USA?  

I really enjoyed season seven. It was more about looks, fashion and concepts. I don’t really have a favourite queen, just a favourite season.

You’ll see me in G-A-Y Late at like 12 o’clock, passed out.

What about your favourite non-Drag Race queen?

I have my own little drag family and we’re all pretty amazing, not gonna lie. But the Paris scene also inspired my drag: Medusa and Le Philippe are amazing.

How did you get into drag?  

Gothy Kendoll gives better head than the other queens (BBC).

New Years Eve 2016, I went to a friend’s house and they were like: ‘Come on, just get into drag, have a laugh.’ I thought: ‘Oh my god I love this, but I look a mess.’ So I practiced and practiced, went out and got my first gig after that.

Where does Gothy Kendoll go for a night out?

If I’m working I like a cool scene in East London like Dollar Baby because it’s more my kind of brand. But if I’m going out not in drag then I like G-A-Y or Heaven.

You’ll see me in G-A-Y Late at like 12 o’clock, passed out.

What are you doing next?

I’ve got quite a lot planned. I just want to be able to DJ and meet loads of fans.

Do you wish you’d waited a couple of years before going on Drag Race?

No. We all take time to grow and we get better over time. But RuPaul saw something in me. He wanted me on the show then. And that’s how it should have been.

Would you come back for All Stars?

Absolutely. In the time since the show I’ve taken everyone’s critiques, grown and pushed Gothy further. Obviously I could do that without the show, but it would be great to get back on and show it. 

Brexit: Leave or Remain?


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Oh, it’s been going on ages. When we were in the Drag Race hotel the only channel we were allowed was the news. And Brexit was the only thing that was on.

Remain, because it’s nice to be one big European family, isn’t it?

Anything else you’d like to say?

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