Cheryl Hole on tongue pops, backlash from the fandom and the *real* villain of Drag Race UK

Cheryl Hole narrowly missed out on a spot in the final of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK after her bodysuits fell foul of Michelle Visage.

We caught up with Hole to spill the tee over Baga Chipz’s mum, a toxic fandom and who the real villain of the season was…

Hi Cheryl!

Hello gorg, how are ya?

I’m great thanks, how are you?

I did Porn Idol last night with Baga so I’m very tired, but I’ve got a coffee in front of me and I’m perking right up.

Cheryl has been criticised for being a girl too loud (BBC).

How was it? Any good volunteers?

Ha, can this be my one no comment answer?

The Drag Race fandom like to comment the minute they see something and jump on anything.

Of course. What’s the reaction been like?

The last couple of weeks I feel like everyone’s gone: “Actually Cheryl’s alright.” Haha. On last night’s episode I delivered Cheryl at my best. I put my sister in incredible drag and she slayed it. Yeah I had to leave, it was my time to go. But no regrets on that episode whatsoever.

What about before the last couple of weeks?

Well, we all know I had a rocky start to the season, didn’t I? And that threw me off my game a bit. It took me going: “You know what b*tch, you’ve got this. Get your head in the game, heart in the zone.” I felt like Troy Bolton. But you know what, I had a great time and I’ve learnt not to let other people’s comments sway how I feel in the moment.

Drag Race UK queen Cheryl Hole

Drag Race UK queen Cheryl Hole. (BBC)

Some people thought you were ‘too American’ or ‘too Alyssa Edwardswhatever that means – what would you say to them?

Everyone has their inspirations and I have an American style of performance. Who says I’m not allowed to tongue pop? Alyssa didn’t invent it she just popularised it. I’m in the f***ing Haus of Edwards for f**k sake, of course I’m going to be tongue popping left right and centre!

What was your “Before you comment, just remember I am a human” tweet about? 

The Drag Race fandom like to comment the minute they see something, and jump on anything. I wanted to put that out there and just remind people that before they say I’m fake and annoying and a real t**t, I am a real human and you’re only seeing a small portion of a whole day. Some people get too carried away. I don’t think you need to send people hate. If you don’t like someone, tell your friends. Don’t tweet them, don’t @ them! Just let everybody have a good time and put positivity out into the world.

Cheryl Hole is all of us (BBC).

How bad did it get?

I don’t think it was that bad, but it wasn’t nice to have people be like: “You’re bloody annoying, why are you still here?” I’m still here because Ru likes me and there were two worse people in the challenge!

In that moment – we were all stressed out – she just didn’t know how to convey things properly. It didn’t come across the best.

Do you think there was any shady editing going on to make you a villain character?

I never thought I was the villain of the season. I think we all know the villain is still there and her name starts with V.

But no, I don’t think I was the villain. I just thought there was a conflict of personalities at the beginning of the season because some people didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt. You saw relationships evolve over time and we’re all great friends now.

Queen Vivienne: The real villain of Drag Race UK? (BBC)

How was The Vivienne the villain?

Viv is a very competitive person, she’s got her head in the game and eyes on the prize. You could definitely tell that when we were there.

Her clashes with Divina [De Campo] were… a moment. She was a very headstrong person and wanted her opinions to come across. And they did.

Has she been sticking up for you online? Have the other girls? 

Crystal did an amazing tweet saying: “If you send Cheryl hate you’ll see why Maisie Williams was scared of that whip.”

Unless you’re paying me mind your business, darling!

Baga Chipz and Cheryl Hole lip sync to “Tears Dry on Their Own” (BBC)

What went through your head when you heard you were lip syncing against Baga to an Amy Winehouse song? 

Everybody knows Amy Winehouse is in Baga’s repertoire. But as a performer I’m going to give you the best I can do. I’m never going to go: “Well this is bye bye,” like Baga did the other week when she thought she was lip syncing against me to a Cheryl song.

How far in advance are the lip syncs chosen?

I can’t discuss that darling, that’s top secret information.

I didn’t want her to feel like I went because of her.

Do you think the edit made Baga’s relationship with her mum look worse than it was in real life? Is there something we’re not seeing?

We aren’t really in a position to comment on anyone’s relationship with their family. We don’t know the whole picture, we don’t know the whole story. In that moment – we were all stressed out – she just didn’t know how to convey things properly. It didn’t come across the best. But Baga and her mum are two lovely people and anyone giving them grief needs to take a step back. Maybe that is their relationship, maybe they do joke and slag each other off. Let them have their relationship, don’t comment and just enjoy the show.

Baga Chipz and Sacka Spuds (BBC).

How much did you spend preparing for Drag Race UK?

You never ask a lady her pay checks. Unless you’re paying me mind your business, darling!

I need to know your sources before I answer that.

Was it better or worse to leave on a week where your sister was here?

We said to them all: “Before we get on that main stage again we want you to know that anything that happens is not down to you. You guys did an amazing job.” I didn’t want her to feel like I went because of her. She smashed it. 

Has she done drag since?

No. Hahaha.

Cheryl Hole and her sister, Sissy Hole, and Divina De Campo and her sister, Delisha

The Drag Race UK queens made over their sisters and mothers. (BBC)

Who do you want to win?

Neck and neck between Divina and Vivienne. But Baga might pull it out the bag. They’ve all got three bloody wins so it’s anyone’s game at this point.

Is it true you turned down a hug from Cheryl?

 [Sighs] Where did you hear this?

Cheryl is joining the guest judging panel for Drag Race UK

Cheryl joined the guest judging panel for Drag Race UK (Neilson Barnard/Getty)

I read it online somewhere.

I need to know your sources before I answer that.

A journalist never reveals her sources.

Well you’re not getting an answer out of me then, darling.

I think it was an interview with Blu Hydrangea or Crystal.

Crystal wasn’t even there! OK well, I didn’t turn down the hug. I just delayed it, OK?

Did you get it in the end?

I’ve had plenty since.