The new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is full of drag queen kicks, bisexual energy… and is that Diana Prince on a date with another woman?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is an instant queer classic and the internet will not hear otherwise.

Gal Gadot is back as Diana Prince, immortal demigoddess, Amazon princess and bonafide bisexual icon, for another instalment of the Worlds of DC.

Wonder Woman 1984 sees the warrior’s story jump ahead by about 70 years, as the title suggests, to the era of mullets, aerobics and – on a less iconic note – Section 28.

The trailer gives fans their first glimpse of Kristen Stewart’s character, Cheetah, who appears to be on a date with Diana.

maybe it’s just me, but this wonder woman movie seems gay. this is clearly a date.

— ‎maria (@nevermoreill) December 8, 2019

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*watches the #WonderWoman trailer*
Are… are Diana and Kristen Wiig’s character on a date?
*reads up on Wiig’s character*
Well, if Marston had anything to do with it they would be

— Lizard Queen (@ragbonehair) December 9, 2019

diana’s so charmed by barbara already oh my god the way it’s going to HURT when they destroy each other

— donna troy updates (@vickeykrieps) December 8, 2019

It also reveals the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor – Diana’s male love interest who died at the end of the first film, which was set during World War One.

how the hell is steve trevor back in wonder woman 1984

— Normani’s Payroll (@normanispayroll) December 8, 2019

His return and inexplicable youth will presumably be a major plot point in Wonder Woman 1984 – but for now, fans are busy eating up all of the delicious bisexual energy.

Watching the new Wonder Woman trailer activated my bisexual panic.

— Blue ?? (@blueeucalyptus) December 8, 2019

sorry, didn’t realize that i could be MORE bisexual watching the new wonder woman trailer – but gal gadot and chris pine surprise me every damn time.

— Emily Maesar ? (@emilymaesar) December 9, 2019

me, a bisexual, watching the wonder woman trailer

— catie- still a finnpoe clown (@ahsokasdanvers) December 8, 2019

When I thought Wonder Woman couldn’t make me more bisexual she’s like hey I’m gonna ride some lightning ok and my heart went boom clap

— jim kirks one brain cell ✨ (@cptnkirkfucker) December 8, 2019

Though some were concerned that Wonder Woman 1984 might end up being yet another case of queer baiting.

Raise your hand if you feel personally attacked by the initial queer baiting in the new Wonder Woman movie trailer. ??‍♀️

— Andrea ?️‍?? (@AndreaCanYouNot) December 9, 2019

im very excited about the new wonder woman trailer but im also apprehensive about possible queer baiting

— rosemary (@yramesorbruce) December 9, 2019

One thing everybody could agree on is that Diana’s Alyssa Edwards-style “drag queen kicks” were what? Sickening.


— Ryan Wichtendahl (@The_Wickendoll) December 9, 2019

♦️ The Queens of DC know how to drop kick a M*ther f*cker.#HarleyQuinn #WonderWoman #BirdsOfPrey #WW84

— ♦️Haven of Harley?♦️ (@QuinnofDiamonds) December 9, 2019

… as was this glimpse at her new Golden Eagle Armour.


— ophe ? (@CAPTAINLARS0N) December 9, 2019

Wonder Woman is a queer icon.

In the DC Comics canon, Diana Price is a queer woman.

Writer Greg Rucka explained in 2016 that those living in the women-only state of Themyscira naturally enter into same-sex relationships.

“When you start to think about giving the concept of Themyscira its due, the answer is: ‘How can they not all be in same sex relationships?’” he told Comicosity.

“It makes no logical sense otherwise. Are we saying Diana has been in love and had relationships with other women? The answer is obviously yes.

“But an Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, ‘you’re gay.’ They don’t. The concept doesn’t exist.”

Gadot echoed Rucka’s words in 2016, explaining that her interpretation of the character “is all about love”.

“She doesn’t pay too much attention to gender, and that is what is so special about her,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“She sees people as equal. Because of that, she can fall in love with a woman. It is not something we explored but maybe in the future, who knows?”

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