New Wonder Woman comic welcomes DC’s first trans Amazon: ‘She isn’t a box to tick’

a screenshot from DC Comics new Wonder Woman series Nubia and the Amazons which introduces Bia, the first trans Amazon

DC Comics has become a little bit queerer as Themyscira, the island home of Wonder Woman, officially welcomed its first known trans Amazon.

The creators of DC’s new series Nubia and the Amazons have confirmed that trans women can be Amazons and are welcomed onto Themyscira – the island nation of the female warrior women known as the Amazons.

The first comic in the series begins with a flashback to Bia’s arrival on ​​Themyscira. In the DC universe, the Amazons are born through the Well of Souls, a portal through which women who died as a result of violence at the hands of men are given a new life among the immortal Amazons. As part of this process, their memories of their previous lives are erased.

These women are welcomed and tested upon their arrival to Themyscira to find out what their future roles could be in society. Part of this initiation includes the newcomers presenting themselves and their decided name in the Royal Palace.

In an emotionally charged moment, Bia stands up with tears in her eyes to introduce herself to the women gathered around her.

“I don’t know how to explain it yet, but this exact moment feels like my soul has desired it long before I came here,” she said. “I am Bia!”

On Twitter, writers Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala confirmed that “one of the newest Amazons is a Black trans woman”. Williams wrote it was important for the team to not only “reintroduce Nubia and establish her definitive role” in the DC universe (DCU) but also to “make clear that Themyscira is a place for ALL women”

“​​When [Ayala] and I were thinking of a way that provided us with a tool to make things as clear as possible, the Wells of Souls was right there, allowing endless possibilities for the Amazons of Themyscira,” Williams wrote. “It’s essential in opening this world up for future writers.”

She added: “Bia will have a role on Themyscira beyond just existing – she isn’t set dressing, she isn’t a box to tick, she is a fully-fledged character that is important to her community.

“Just as Black trans women are important to us in real life.”

Ayala also wrote on Twitter that the team didn’t want to announce the trans character because “we wanted to introduce the character in an organic way, but it is not a secret”.

“We are glad people picked up on it, but if y’all hadn’t we would have made sure to say it so it wasn’t hand-twaveable subtext,” she said.

Needless to say, fans were over the moon at the news that a trans character had been introduced into the DCU.

The confirmation that trans women are welcome on Themyscira comes as Wonder Woman actor Lynda Carter recently put out a simple but powerful message on social media in support of the trans community.

“Trans women are Wonder Women,” Carter said. “End of story.”

So if Wonder Woman says it, it’s true.