‘Human Ken doll’ Roddy Alves comes out as trans, saying ‘I have always felt like Barbie’

Roddy Alves, formerly known as human Ken doll

The plastic surgery lover and Celebrity Big Brother star who became famous for being a “human Ken doll” has come out as trans, saying “I always felt like a Barbie”.

Roddy Alves found fame after spending half a million pounds on plastic surgery procedures to appear more like a Ken doll, and in 2018 appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

But on January 5 Alves came out as a trans woman in an interview with The Mirror, and said: “For the last few years I have been known as the human Ken doll, but actually I have always felt like Barbie.”

She continued: “It feels ­amazing to finally tell the world I’m a girl… I finally feel like the real me. Glamorous, beautiful and feminine.

“For years I tried to live my life as a man. I had a fake six pack put in, I had fake muscles in my arms but I was lying to myself.

“I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind.”

Not all trans people choose to have surgery, or have varying amounts of surgical intervention, but after already having had more than 70 cosmetic procedures it is no surprise that surgery will be a part of Alves’ transition.

Alves said that she plans to have both top and bottom surgery, facial feminisation surgery and she will also have her “Adam’s apple removed, [her] jawline shaved and [her] chin modified.” She added that she has already had her “fake six pack” removed.

2019 research from Yale University found that transgender people who undergo gender-affirming surgery are significantly less likely to seek mental health treatment than trans people who don’t access gender-affirming surgery.

Alves said it took a lot of courage to come out, and said that she had been “living as a woman behind closed doors” for three months.

She continued: “I love it and everything that comes with it… But I have been trolled and called a freak and a weirdo, so of course I am nervous about how people will react.

“A few years ago I could never have done this but it feels easier now. People are more aware of what ­being transgender means. I just hope people can accept me as a woman and don’t judge or ridicule me.”