Homophobic monk who claimed gay people are ‘the Devil’s disciples’ excommunicated from Catholic Church

A monk who distributed homophobic leaflets across the UK has been excommunicated from the Catholic church.

Damon Jonah Kelly, who is part of a small group known as the Black Hermits, has been reportedly slung out of the Catholic church by the Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, Brian McGee.

‘Homophobic monk’ had attacked Pope for softening stance on LGBT+ issues.

Kelly, who has multiple anti-LGBT+ hate convictions, had incited anger after attacking the Pope for “behaving in an ambiguous fashion towards homosexuals” in a blog post.

A spokesperson for the church told The Scottish Sun that after Kelly refused to withdraw his comments, “the penalty of excommunication now applies”.

In response, Kelly told the newspaper that his treatment was “extraordinary” because “paedophile priests who’ve been put in prison have never been excommunicated”.

Anti-LGBT monk Damon Jonah Kelly

Anti-LGBT monk Damon Jonah Kelly

He said: “We had enough of the bishops’ silence. A church that accepts homosexual relations, accepts abortions, is not Christ’s church.”

Damon Jonah Kelly has a long track record of anti-LGBT+ hatred.

Kelly had dedicated much of his time to distributing anti-LGBT +literature.

Leaflets distributed by Kelly since 2014, seen by PinkNews, claim that AIDS is “God’s punishment” for gay people, that homosexuality is linked to paedophiliathat transgender people should be exorcised, and that homosexuals are “like vampires”.

He also sent PinkNews a letter in 2014 which branded this outlet “the enemy” and “the disciples of the Devil”.

In 2019, Kelly was convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner for telling a pro-LGBT+ priest to kill himself, urging him to “hang himself” if “he isn’t going to repent of his evil”.

In the letters, Kelly wrote: “A would-be serial killer would in my opinion find useful employment if instead of the usual poor old prostitute, he were to embark upon the elimination of Anglican clerics.”

He also pleaded guilty in 2015 to a hate crime harassment charge after handing out anti-gay leaflets.