LGB Alliance founder says there shouldn’t be LGBT clubs in schools because of ‘predatory gay teachers’

LGB Alliance: LGBT clubs in schools a risk due to 'predatory gay teachers'

Malcolm Clark, co-founder of controversial anti-trans group the LGB Alliance, has denounced LGBT+ clubs in schools.

Clark said LGBT+ clubs – a safe space for many LGBT+ schoolchildren to accept their sexuality – shouldn’t exist because of “predatory gay teachers”.

Clark’s inflammatory anti-gay comments were made in an online discussion about an LGB Alliance supporter being kicked out of an LGBT+ nightclub in Glasgow for refusing to reverse her t-shirt bearing the group’s slogan.

The LGB Alliance claims to represent LGB people, but this latest incident appears to confirm, yet again, that this is not the case.

Clark later doubled down on his comments, tweeting that “99% of the Scottish public” would agree with him that LGBT+ clubs in schools shouldn’t exist because of “the risks of predatory adults exploiting this situation”.

“I don’t see the point of LGBT clubs in schools,” said Clark, whose bio on the LGB Alliance website says he makes science documentaries for the BBC “and many other international broadcasters”, on January 23.

Malcolm Clark’s Facebook comment on January 23. (Facebook/Screenshot)

“There should never, of course, be bullying. But the vast majority of children have not settled on a sexual orientation. Suggesting they do have a sexual orientation is fraught with dangers – for kids.

“There are predatory straight teachers and there will therefore be predatory gay teachers.

“At my schools – admittedly in a less careful era – there were half a dozen straight teachers who got ‘into trouble’ for pushing boundaries with girls and in one case with a boy. One of my music teachers was arrested and jailed for showing boys gay porn.

“He was arrested at the time and let off despite showing material to four 15 year olds and then jailed 10 years later when one of the boys took him to court for having ‘ruined his life’.

“Having clubs where kids explore on school grounds …their sexual orientation seems to be unnecessary and potentially dangerous. It would be an unnecessary encouragement to predators like my music teacher.”

Clark later doubled down on his comments on Twitter, saying: “I think you’ll find 99 per cent of the Scottish public would agree. You’d win them round if you could at least express concern about the risks of predatory adults exploiting this situation.”

Malcolm Clark of the LGB Alliance tweeted that “99% of the Scottish public” would agree with him that LGBT clubs in schools shouldn’t exist. (Twitter/Screenshot)

The furore is the latest in a long line of embarrassments for the LGB Alliance.

Last week, the group released its first-ever pop song, “Stand Up”, to unanimously negative reviews and general bafflement.

Just before Christmas, it unveiled a new logo and branding, which many pointed out bore a strong resemblance to the Straight Pride flag.

When asked to comment on the remarks made by Clark, Kate Harris and Bev Jackson, two other LGB Alliance co-founders, declined. They did however insist that PinkNews print an email in full – for some reason including a thank you to PinkNews‘ editor for reaching out for comment a second time after they declined the first time.

Harris and Jackson also said they wanted to have a “grown up, fact-based conversation” with PinkNews while declining to respond to the facts presented to them in the form of Clark’s comments.